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Distributed Application Support Environment

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Many of the references entries in FOLDOC are missing or inaccurate. Wherever possible, inaccurate entries are automatically mapped to the correct entry. Where this is not possible you will instead be shown the nearest alternative/s:

Nearest matches for 'Distributed Application Support Environment': DASE; Distributed Component Object Model; Distributed Computing Environment; distributed database; Distributed Data Management; distributed data warehouse; Distributed Eiffel; Distributed Logic Programming; Distributed Management Environment; distributed memory; Distributed Network Operating System; Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network; Distributed Processes; Distributed Queue Dual Bus; Distributed Smalltalk; distributed system; distributed systems; Ada Programming Support Environment; Adaptive Communication Environment; Advanced Computing Environment; Advanced Software Environment; Apple Open Collaboration Environment; Common Applications Environment; Common Desktop Environment; Co-operative Development Environment; development environment; Domain Software Engineering Environment; GNU Network Object Model Environment; Hewlett-Packard Visual Engineering Environment; integrated development environment; Integrated Modelling Support Environment; Integrated Project Support Environment; interactive development environment; ISO Development Environment; Java Run-Time Environment; Portable Common Tool Environment; Portable Forth Environment; PowerOpen Environment; run-time environment; Semi-Automatic Ground Environment; Simultaneous Engineering Environment; Software Engineering Environment; Standard Operating Environment; Toyohashi University Parallel Lisp Environment; Virtual Home Environment; Virtual Machine Environment; visual programming environment; WIMP environment;

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