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Open Source Vulnerability Database

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Many of the references entries in FOLDOC are missing or inaccurate. Wherever possible, inaccurate entries are automatically mapped to the correct entry. Where this is not possible you will instead be shown the nearest alternative/s:

Nearest matches for 'Open Source Vulnerability Database': open box testing; Open DataBase Connectivity; Open Data-link Interface; Open DeathTrap; Open Desktop; Open Distributed Processing; Open Distributed System Architecture; Open Document Architecture; Open Document Interchange Format; Open Document Management API; Open Graphics Library; Open Group; Open Look; Open Network Computing; Open Prolog; Open Scripting Architecture; Open Shortest-Path First; Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol; Open Software Foundation; open source; Open Source Definition; Open Source Initiative; Open source license; open switch; Open System Architecture; Open Systems Interconnect; Open Systems Interconnection; Open Telecom Platform; Open Trading Protocol; Open University;

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