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Games Warehouse

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Games are distributed under the WebGames License

iconSnakeJavaScript 1.2 (NS4+ IE4+)11th May 1999
iconIcon MatchJavaScript 1.1 (NS3+ IE4+)27th January 1999
iconIcon Match 2-playerJavaScript 1.1 (NS3+ IE4+)27th January 1999
iconTetrisJavaScript 1.2 (NS4+ IE4+)27th November 1998
iconTowers Of HanoiJavaScript 1.1 (NS3+ IE4+)15th October 1998
iconHnefataflJavaScript 1.1 (NS3+ IE4+)16th August 1998
iconReversiJavaScript 1.1 (NS3+ IE4+)15th August 1998
iconChain ReactionJavaScript 1.1 (NS3+ IE4+)11th August 1998
iconSolitaireJavaScript 1.1 (NS3+ IE4+)13th December 1997

Games are distributed under the WebGames License

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