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ColdFusion FAQ

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Submitted by mechanismo

  • FAQ 3000 Is there an IsAlphanumeric function in ColdFusion?
  • FAQ 3001 Are there any functions in ColdFusion that will convert hours to minutes and minutes to hours?
  • FAQ 3002 What is the easiest way to alternate table row colors when outputting query results?
  • FAQ 3003 Is there a way to validate that a Social Security Number has been entered in a form field?
  • FAQ 3004 How can I delete session variables from my application?
  • FAQ 3005 How do I get a list of fieldnames returned in a query?
  • FAQ 3006 How do I get a list of tables contained in my Microsoft Access database?
  • FAQ 3007 How can I break up a list of strings into separate variables?
  • FAQ 3008 Where can I find documentation for ColdFusion?
  • FAQ 3009 How can I make sure that required and/or optional parameters are passed to my ColdFusion template?
  • FAQ 3010 How can I launch an external application from ColdFusion Studio/Homesite?
  • FAQ 3011 In ASP, there's a "Global.asa" that executes whenever an ASP page is called. Is there such thing for ColdFusion?
  • FAQ 3012 Can I control other frames using <CFLOCATION>?
  • FAQ 3013 Where must my .CFM files be located?
  • FAQ 3014 How do I display the current date and/or time? Can I format it different ways?
  • FAQ 3015 Can I override the default timeout length on the ColdFusion server?
  • FAQ 3016 How can I put a # (pound sign) in my ColdFusion output?
  • FAQ 3017 How can I create tables with SQL in ColdFusion?
  • FAQ 3018 How can I compare two strings for case-sensitivity?
  • FAQ 3019 Can I use the array functions with my ColdFusion recordset(query)?

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