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064. Saturday 21st February 1998 - Intelligent Cookies
Synopsis: Have you ever come across a web site, that refuses to accept the fact that you don't take cookies? This article will describe how to utilise cookies in your web site without forcing cookies on your visitors.
Techniques: Get_Cookie, Set_Cookie, Delete_Cookie

025. Sunday 15th June 1997 - Form -> Cookie -> Form
Synopsis: how to store information from a form as a cookie, and how to retrieve the information and place it back in the form.
Techniques: indexOf(), Get_Cookie, Set_Cookie, form, elements, text, select, radio, checkbox, eval(), substring(), find and replace, unescape(), checked, selectedIndex

016. Monday 21st April 1997 - Chocolate Chip Cookies + Automating NEW!
Synopsis: Use a cookie to record the last time the visitor visited your page, and combine it with the previous Automating NEW! article.
Techniques: cookies, dates, Date.UTC, getYear, getMonth, getDate, substring

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