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JavaScript Object Articles

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054. Sunday 21st December 1997 - Arrays, Object Arrays and Sorting
Synopsis: This article shows how to sort arrays using the JavaScript 1.1 array sort method. It also describe the different options available during sorting, and how to sort arrays for browsers that don't support the sort method, or where the sort method does not work correctly.
Techniques: Arrays, makeArray(), array length, new, object, sort, compare, bubble sort, toString, prototype

041. Sunday 21st September 1997 - Seek, and ye shall find
Synopsis: Describes how to create a multiple keyword search facility - without using frames
Techniques: objects, object array, splitting text, search, keywords, multiple, replace, text, string, toUpperCase, object properties, finding, found, action, form, ?, substring, location, href

028. Monday 30th June 1997 - Text Strings and String Objects
Synopsis: Describes the differences between Text Strings and String Objects, and how to cope with these differences.
Techniques: string, text, object, array, protocol, toString, method, function, ==, =, comparison, equal, toLowerCase, array, properties

003. Sunday 9th February 1997 - Searching
Synopsis: Explanation of JavaScript Searching.
Techniques: Frames, JavaScript, Arrays, Objects, Forms, Frames, Tables

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