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JavaScript Miscellaneous Articles

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217. Monday 14th May 2001 - Kick some booty with invisible Flash!
Synopsis: How to use JavaScript to control sound only Flash movies to add interactive sound to a conventional web site without the need for Flash graphics.

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183. Sunday 12th September 1999 - JavaScripting Essentials
Synopsis: Ryan Detert runs through the fundamentals of JavaScript.
Techniques: Global and local variables, Arrays, for loops, the Trinary Operator, Modulus, document.write(), Casting, Precedence, images

170. Sunday 4th July 1999 - JavaScript Bookmarklets
Synopsis: Here is something novel: using JavaScript to make your web experience more enjoyable, when you decide, and with what you want to do - rather than site specific JavaScript code that performs what the web author wants to do. In this article Martin Webb describes the basics behind bookmarklets.
Techniques: JavaScript, Bookmarks, Favorites, JavaScript URLS, links, javascript:, bookmarklets, void, frames

118. Friday 25th September 1998 - Why bother with JavaScript?
Synopsis: The following question was posed by a visitor to irt.org:
Why bother with Javascript, which assumes someone has a browser capable of using it, when you can do the same thing in your cgi?
- this article covers the ensuing conversation by the team at irt.org
Techniques: JavaScript, client side processing, HTML, cgi, server side processing, security

093. Monday 15th June 1998 - JavaScript Games #2 - Solitaire
Synopsis: Keith Drakard takes you through the various steps needed to make a JavaScript solitaire game.
Techniques: Game, images, image src, Image(), image replacement, setTimeout, solitaire

090. Friday 29th May 1998 - Writing a midi hifi system in JavaScript
Synopsis: Written by Martin Webb. When you want to create a JavaScript Midi Hifi system that will enable midi or wav files to be played as if they were a on a CD player. This article which appears on Developer.com includes complete play, stop and pause control, and single play, cycle play and random play. You can even view the time played, time remaining, track time and total time.
Techniques: Netscape LiveConnect, LiveAudio, EMBED, midi, wav, MASTERSOUND, object arrays

083. Saturday 2nd May 1998 - JavaScript Beginners Start Here
Synopsis: A link up with Michael Bednareks' SiteCreator Channel has been arranged. There are currently five JavaScript Beginner Articles available on Michael Bednareks' SiteCreator Channel. If you find the existing articles hard to follow then these will be just the thing for you.
Techniques: Beginners introduction to JavaScript, functions, objects, forms

077. Saturday 18th April 1998 - Keeping Count of Downloads
Synopsis: Have you got files on your web space that people can download? Do you want to count how many times they are downloaded? This article discusses how to keep count of how many times a file is downloaded. Using a combination of image or floating frame replacement, this utility loads a CGI image to increment a counter. You obviously need to have a CGI image counter for this to work - most people do - either from your ISP or from a third party.
Techniques: Images, files, forms, counters, swapping images, floating frames,

053. Friday 12th December 1997 - JavaScript Games
Synopsis: Keith Drakard takes you through the various steps needed to make a JavaScript "Simple Simon" game.
Techniques: Game, images, image src, Image(), image replacement, setTimeout, random numbers, Math, ceil

040. Saturday 13th September 1997 - Online JavaScript Resources
Synopsis: Summary of the more useful online JavaScript and JavaScript related resources
Techniques: documents, tutorials, references

024. Thursday 12th June 1997 - Automating the Previous and Next buttons
Synopsis: How to add simple forward and back navigation between documents
Techniques: location, href, indexOf, substring, comments

014. Thursday 17th April 1997 - Reading the contents of a directory
Synopsis: Read the links[] array of another frame.
Techniques: Netscape, frames, links[], array, href, onLoad

010. Thursday 3rd April 1997 - Automating NEW!
Synopsis: Automatically highlighting articles as NEW!, and then automatically unhighlighting them later.
Techniques: Date object, Date.UTC, function return

008. Thursday 3rd April 1997 - Arguments Array
Synopsis: Describes how to overload the arguments of a JavaScript function.
Techniques: JavaScript, function, array, arguments, elements

004. Wednesday 5th March 1997 - Odds and Sods
Synopsis: JavaScripts not worthy of their own page.
Techniques: Frames, Mailto, Dates

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