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085. Saturday 9th May 1998 - A JavaScript Web-Ring
Synopsis: Have you ever wanted to link your site up with others using a web-ring, where people can click on an image to go to the next or previous site in the ring? Web-rings traditionally require server side programming, this article describes how to combine JavaScript and HTML to allow one person to manage the complete web-ring for as many sites that you require.
Techniques: Beginners introduction to JavaScript, functions, objects, forms

011. Tuesday 8th April 1997 - Internet Explorer version 3.02 and SRC files
Synopsis: Microsoft slipped the support of the SRC attribute into the <SCRIPT> tag in version 3.02 of Internet Explorer.
Techniques: SRC, Internet Explorer, function, document.write

005. Sunday 9th March 1997 - Source Files
Synopsis: Referencing source files using either the JavaScripts SRC attribute or IE3.0 floating frames.
Techniques: SRC, Floating Frames, HTML

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