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JavaScript Window Articles

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205. Sunday 27th February 2000 - Almost complete control of pop-up windows
Synopsis: This article addresses a problem that most developers eventually hit - how to keep control of a pop-up window when the main window changes location.
Techniques: window, opening a pop-up window, pop-up window, open(), focus(), window name, close(), naming a window, targeting a named window

128. Monday 9th November 1998 - The JavaScript Pop-up Window Primer
Synopsis: Exploring the depths of JavaScript and its idiosyncrasies with v4 browsers, Martin Webb arms you with everything you need to know to build and control the placement of JavaScript pop-up windows.
Techniques: JavaScript, pop-up windows, centering windows, window properties, writing into windows

068. Saturday 14th March 1998 - Popup Date Selector
Synopsis: This article demonstrates how to show a popup calendar that you can use to select a valid date and then pass this main to the original window. The calendar is shown in month format, and enables you to pick the year or the month to be displayed. Not only that, but if the popup calendar is reshown it remembers and reshows the previous display.
Techniques: window, open, location, href, opener, dates, forms, selectedIndex, calendar, year, month, day, self, close

029. Monday 7th July 1997 - Dictionary Popup Utility
Synopsis: Explains how to open sibling windows, and how to pass it information.
Techniques: window, open, search, location, substring, indexOf, ?, javascript:, functions, array, objects, split, strings, JavaScript1.1, onBlur, focus

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