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JavaScript Mail Articles

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080. Saturday 25th April 1998 - Advanced mailto: techniques
Synopsis: This article describes advance uses of the mailto: protocol. It describes five working examples that you can use for your own purposes: i) using a link, ii) To: Cc: and Bcc:, iii) using a form, iv) multiple mailing using a form.
Techniques: links, links array, mailto:, to=, cc=, bcc=, onClick, forms, href, radio buttons, check boxes, select options, action, method, enctype, text/plain, click(), setTimeout(), onSubmit

071. Saturday 28th March 1998 - Form -> Email -> Form...
Synopsis: For NN4 and MSIE4 browsers, this article illustrates how you can complete a form and send the data entered via email to another person, who can load up the email in their browser and actually see the form as entered. This 'copy' form can then be updated and emailed to another person, and so on.
Techniques: JavaScript *.js source files, src, action, mailto:, method, action, forms, enctype, name/value pairs, submit, onclick(), reset(), subject, hidden

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