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JavaScript Date and Time Articles

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199. Monday 3rd January 2000 - JavaScript Y2K Issues
Synopsis: Y2K has come and gone. This article discusses Y2K issues still present in JavaScript, and describes how to code around them. By Martin Webb
Techniques: JavaScript, date, getYear(), setYear, getFullYear(), setFullYear(), lastModified, getCorrectYear()

146. Monday 3rd February 1999 - And now...The Weekly Update Script
Synopsis: One of the more common features shared by most sites is the "What's New" page. This page can contain anything from news and press releases, to listings of new features that have been added to the site that week. But implementing a weekly "What's New" page can be a daunting task.
Techniques: Automating What's New, date object, self modifying links, forms and drop down boxes

076. Saturday 11th April 1998 - The 24 Hour World
Synopsis: This article discuses timezone offsets, which can be used to display the time anywhere around the world.
Techniques: GMT, Date, getTimezoneOffset, setTime, getTime, setTimeout, MSIE 3 fiddle, am, pm, forms

056. Thursday 1st January 1998 - Today's The Day
Synopsis: This article brings together the last few articles, to produce a page that shows all data regarding any date entered: full date, age, events, birthstone, Zodiac star sign, Chinese year, lottery numbers and random colors. As an added extra it also includes images of birthstones, zodiac star sign and the animal associated with the Chinese year.
Techniques: Images, Dates, Frames, location search property

055. Friday 26th December 1997 - Extending "Born of the 4th of July"
Synopsis: This article describes how to merge all the calendar events and holidays calculated in the three different articles Born of the 4th of July, Easter and The 3rd Saturday in November into one object array. We will also show how to sort the array in JavaScript 1.1 browsers, and how to simulate an array sort using linked lists.
Techniques: Arrays, Dates, Sorting

052. Saturday 6th December 1997 - Easter
Synopsis: This article will describe how to calculate the date of Easter Sunday, "held on a variable Sunday in March or April". This date will then be used to calculate other religious dates dependent on Easter Sunday.
Techniques: Easter, padout, year, month, day, getMM, getDD, getMMDD, accumulated days in the year, leap years, adding or subtracting days from one date to get another

050. Saturday 22nd November 1997 - The 3rd Saturday in November
Synopsis: Describes how to calculate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and last weekdays of any month. This will then be used to calculate the dates of various variable Calendar Events or Holidays.
Techniques: Day of the Week, Nth Day, makeArray, Leap Year, calendar events, holidays

048. Saturday 8th November 1997 - Born on the 4th of July
Synopsis: This article shows how to display events and birthdays for any specific date. For birthdays it will use JavaScript *.js source files as data files to hold each months birthday data.
Techniques: Holiday events, religious events, birthdays, born today, dates, object arrays, javascript *.js source, src files, data file, scripting script

047. Saturday 1st November 1997 - The Chinese New Year
Synopsis: Describes how to show the year of the chinese calendar that a date falls in, including the dates and days for the year.
Techniques: Chinese New Year, Chinese branches, Chinese stems, Chinese animal, tables, arrays, dates, year, month, day

046. Friday 24th October 1997 - What sign are you?
Synopsis: This article calculates the zodiac sign that a date falls in, including the dates and days for the year, along with the birthstone associated with the month.
Techniques: Horroscope, star sign, zodiac, birth stone, arrays of data, date, days, months, years, range of dates

045. Saturday 18th October 1997 - Monday's child is full of grace
Synopsis: This article demonstrates how to calculate the day of the week of any date, and using this information retrieves the relevant line from "Monday's Child". It also shows how to show the full date for any given date.
Techniques: Day of the week, Math, floor, date, days, months, years, age, HowOld

044. Saturday 11th October 1997 - 32 years 8 months 24 days
Synopsis: This article describes how to calculate the age in years, months and days of someone who supplies their birthdate.
Techniques: Date, days, months, years, age, HowOld

043. Sunday 5th October 1997 - Blind Date
Synopsis: This article demonstrates how to work with dates prior to 1970 and after 1999 without using the inbuilt Date object. It will describe how to pass this information to another frame or to another document.
Techniques: Date bugs, Calendar, months, days, years, leap years, arrays, data input, forms, options, selection, text input, slectedIndex, passing form references, onSubmit, ACTION, validating, parent, frame, search, location, href, substring

036. Saturday 23rd August 1997 - Travelling Through Time
Synopsis: Describes how to display and manipulate the current time, show the difference between two dates, show a countdown to and from a specific time and date, and how to trigger an event after a delay.
Techniques: date, time, hours, minutes, seconds, year, month, date, day, UTC(), counters, countdown, countback, setTimeout(), Millennium countdown

023. Thursday 12th June 1997 - Time of Day
Synopsis: Describes how to interrogate the time display different images, and two sample clocks
Techniques: conditional expression, getHours, getMinutes, getSeconds, images, image object, time

022. Monday 21st July 1997 - Date Spinner
Synopsis: Describes how to create your own form spinner object
Techniques: onLoad, client-side image maps, conditional expression, usemap, forms, text box, Coordinated Universal Time, Temps Universel Coordonn´┐Ż', UTC, HREF

001. Sunday 1st December 1996 - Calendars
Synopsis: Demonstrations of different calendar displays.
Techniques: JavaScript, Functions, Arrays, Tables, Floating Frames, Windows

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