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JavaScript Form Articles

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216. Sunday 29th April 2001 - Chapter 6: Beginning JavaScript
Synopsis: The whole of chapter 6 from "Beginning JavaScript", by Paul Wilton, published by Wrox Press, ISBN 1861004060

188. Sunday 17th October 1999 - Controlling Data Entry Using Form Fields
Synopsis: How can you automatically jump to another field once the current field has been competed. For example, when entering a telephone number into separate one character sized form fields? Why you might want to do this is not important. How to do it, caused a fair bit of head scratching here at irt.org when asked to raise to the challenge. This article explains the reasons why it isn't as easy as it might first appear, and shows a fully working example at the end. By Martin Webb.
Techniques: text form field, length, focus, blur, onKeyUp, value property maxlength, size, alert, prompt, modal, non modal, dialogues

185. Sunday 26th September 1999 - Form Image Button Fields
Synopsis: So you want to use nice gifs instead of those ugly looking gray buttons to submit and reset your form? No Problem - just use form type=image. Or is there more to it than that? - Rafal Koszyk
Techniques: form, submit, reset, type, image, links, onSubmit, onReset, event handlers

157. Tuesday 13th April 1999 - Creating 'Encoded' Name & Value Pairs
Synopsis: Martin Webb describes how to create a simple JavaScript Tool that can be used to automate the production of encoded name/value pairs to be used when passing data from one page to another
Techniques: form data, Method, GET, POST, encoding data, name/value pairs, escape, handcrafting URL data

131. Tuesday 17th November 1998 - Disabling form elements
Synopsis: If you ever need to keep users from accessing portions of a browser-based form, these handy tricks in DHTML and JavaScript are just what the doctor ordered.
Techniques: HTML 4.0, JavaScript, Netscape Layers, Disabling form elements, forms, elements, write protect, disabled property, hidden document content, hidden forms

063. Saturday 14th February 1998 - Passing data from one form to another
Synopsis: This article describes how to transfer data from a form on one page to a form on another page.
Techniques: form, search string, unescape, escape, encoded characters, check boxes, radio buttons, select options, split(), replace()

Synopsis: Jason Nugent describes how to validate form fields using the new JavaScript 1.2 Regular Expression methods. He also describes a method for older browsers
Techniques: Form, onSubmit, this, indexOf(), Regular Expressions, RegExp, replace, split, match, search

042. Saturday 27th September 1997 - Dynamic Dropdown Menus
Synopsis: Describes a method whereby one dropdown menu will effect the contents of another dropdown menu, for ALL JavaScript enabled browsers.
Techniques: frames, onSumbit, parent, location, href, selectedIndex, menus, objects, options, floating frames, IFRAME

031. Monday 21st July 1997 - Form Tricks
Synopsis: Describes some of the more interesting things that can be achieved with forms created with HTML
Techniques: forms, submit, cancel, enctype, method, action, target, events, hidden, validation, overriding form attributes, *.js source files, floating frames

030. Sunday 13th July 1997 - Dropdown Menus #3
Synopsis: Covers some advanced uses of dropdown menus: adding an additional entry passed from another page, and locating an entry based on a value entered in a text field.
Techniques: forms, options, select, drop down menu, search, ?, substring, selected, arrays, onClick, onSubmit, onChange, JavaScript1.1, toUpperCase, indexOff

027. Sunday 6th July 1997 - Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
Synopsis: Automate Check Boxes, i.e. their production, interrogation, setting and clearing, and how to find the value of Radio Buttons
Techniques: Form, checkbox, onClick, checked, unchecked, eval, true, false, toString(), reset()

020. Monday 26th May 1997 - Dropdown Menus #2
Synopsis: Describes multiple select options, and how to add, remove and replace options
Techniques: onSubmit, onClick, onBlur, onFocus, onChange events, forms, options, selections, images, add remove, replace

019. Thursday 22nd May 1997 - Dropdown Menus
Synopsis: Using form selection options to change location of browser
Techniques: onSubmit, onClick, onBlur, onFocus, onChange events, forms, options, selections, images, buttons

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