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JavaScript Image Articles

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186. Sunday 3rd October 1999 - Macromedia Fireworks Image Map Tutorial
Synopsis: Martin Webb demonstrates how to use Macromedia Fireworks - a graphics package - to create client-side image maps using client-side JavaScript.
Techniques: Macromedia, Fireworks, Graphics, Images, JavaScript, HTML, Image Maps, Rollovers, Sliced Images

168. Sunday 20th June 1999 - The Book of the Day Script
Synopsis: Ben Allen shows how to use a JavaScript to display a Book of the Day, which links to you Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com affiliate program.
Techniques: JavaScript, Client Side, DHTML, Dynamic, HTML, images, layers, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, affiliate, book, bookstore

132. Friday 20th November 1998 - A JavaScript Picture Gallery
Synopsis: Written by Ben Allen - An article on making a picture gallery using JavaScript
Techniques: JavaScript, Client Side, Images, Picture, Gallery

066. Friday 6th March 1998 - Speeding up image rollovers
Synopsis: Jason Nugent describes a technique to speed up the loading of rollover images, without disrupting the ability to view the document.
Techniques: Images, image src, document.images, onLoad, image rollovers, onMouseOver, onMouseOut

059. Saturday 17th January 1998 - Fading Images in and out
Synopsis: How to jazz up those boring old image highlights that the majority of us have on our web pages.
Techniques: images, onMouseOver, onMouseOut, color, colour, browser safe palette, setTimeout, fade, glow, eval, clearTimeout

035. Sunday 17th August 1997 - Controlling Images #2
Synopsis: Describe how to use a select dropdown menu to control images, and, for those browsers that can, how to find out image properties.
Techniques: image, select, form, floating frames, onClick, onLoad, JavaScript1.1, browser version checks, image properties, name,src, lowsrc, height, width, border, complete, hspace, vspace, prototype, window size, screen size

034. Sunday 10th August 1997 - Controlling Images
Synopsis: Describes how to show different images within the same document, how to show different background images within the same document, how to control images within frames, and how to present an image slide show.
Techniques: image, location, search, href, substring, img, body, background, src, frame, target, onLoad, setTimeout, integer, string, preloading

026. Saturday 21st June 1997 - Image Maps
Synopsis: Describes how to highlight portions of an imagemap, uses two different methods, plus an alternative for MSIE
Techniques: image, imagemap, onMouseOver, onMouseOut, usemap, map, status, history, go, floating frames

018. Saturday 17th May 1997 - Toolbar Images
Synopsis: Further enhancements to Highlighted images, including an enhanced browser detector, and framed toolbars
Techniques: images, onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onClick, *.js src files, preloading images, detecting browser, status bar messages

017. Wednesday 23rd July 1997 - Random Banner Adverts
Synopsis: Display random banners one after another with links to the appropriate document
Techniques: images, floating frames, setTimeout, objects, arrays, random, location

009. Saturday 15th November 1997 - Highlighting Images (#2)
Synopsis: Enhancements to the previous Highlighting Images article. Updated to include MSIE and NN 4.
Techniques: Images, onMouseOver, onMouseOut, detecting browser, SRC

006. Saturday 15th November 1997 - Highlighting Images
Synopsis: Highlighting images. Updated to include MSIE and NN 4.
Techniques: Images, onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onClick, detecting browser

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