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BBS: Re: HTML Text Search - July 30, 1998 at 13:34:32

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Posted by Jason Nugent on July 30, 1998 at 13:34:32:

In Reply to: Re: HTML Text Search posted by Dan A on July 24, 1998 at 22:06:12:

: : I have a requirement to be able to perform a web-based full text search on a directory of HTML pages, but not my entire site.
: : Can anyone recommend some ways to do this?

: Perl is a great way to do so. Using perl's GREp function you
: can do so efficiently.
: If your on a server with iis, then you should use index server.
: hopefully someday i can get around to an article i have planned here at irt.org: build your own search engine.

You're actually better off doing your parsing and searching in two separate stages. When I wrote the search engine here at IRT, I created two scripts - one that does the parsing and creates a Unix DBM database with the keywords, and one that simply searches the database. I don't use grep at all - you would certainly have more sucess using a nice regular expression and then tokenizing the string (split () command) and storing it away somewhere.


You are here: irt.org | BBS | Re: HTML Text Search [This BBS is closed]

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