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BBS: Re: Multiple IE browser versions - September 09, 1998 at 21:23:18

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Posted by Rafael Coletti on September 09, 1998 at 21:23:18:

In Reply to: Multiple IE browser versions posted by Mark Chitty on September 08, 1998 at 09:21:07:

: Couldn't find any info about this one guys...

: Is it possible to have IE3 and IE4 installed simultaneously in a Win95 setup? As a web developer, I need to test for vers 3 & 4 of NN and IE and it's a real pain having to troop off to a mate's computer all the time to check out whether my javascript, etc works with IE3. Your help/wisdom would be appreciated.

Nope... or you have IE3 or IE4, no such luck with IE for having both at the same time. And think well before installing your IE4, if like your IE3 and never tested version 4. Thats because if you install IE4 even if you uninstall it later you won't be able to run IE3 again. That is if you're not planning in reinstall your OS.

: Great site by the way - most excellently helpful.


: P.S. I've also had 'mares in the past with getting background images in framesets to line-up. My experience is that IE (3 & 4) does exactly what you'd expect, with frame widths or heights in pixels corresponding exactly with the embedded image widths/heights. Netscape is a different story unfortunately, requiring endless tweaking to get things close but never bang on. Do you have any experience/useful suggestions regarding this. (Go see http://www.gameszone.net for an example of what I mean - I had to build different framesets for IE and NN)

I never had that kind of problem... Anyone knows an answer?!



You are here: irt.org | BBS | Re: Multiple IE browser versions [This BBS is closed]

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