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BBS: Re: Perl string manipulation - September 18, 1998 at 17:16:59

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Posted by Jason Turner on September 18, 1998 at 17:16:59:

In Reply to: Re: Perl string manipulation posted by Jason Nugent on September 18, 1998 at 12:48:43:

: A space?? Man... sorry about that. Ok, I didn't see it :)

HTML does horrible things to spaces. Believe me, that code I wrote was actually readable b4 it was posted, <g>

: Good point about the password field. This all comes back to knowing your data. Instead of using a \w+ (which matches alphanumerics), you might consider using a [^\|]+ instead, which should match everything except |. Or just make your users use bad passwords :)

Users don't need any encouragement to make bad passwords, they do fine as it is <g>

BTW, I know you meant [^|]+ really ;-)
You gotta be careful of that though - see the method used to create $new[2], and then the explanation on how it broke on the null string. If that space is always there then it's not so much of a problem - like you say, you gotta know your data.

That little chunk of code I posted is great at showing the comparisons, but you really gotta run it to see what effect the subtle changes have, and to follow what I was saying in the notes.
OK, I s'pose I should have put a few more comments in <g>

Anyway, one of them that Bob could cut and paste was the example for $new[5]; adapted a little to throw away that trailing space, if present.

$pish =~ s/.*\| ([^|]*) ?\|$/$1/;

Oh, and that is distructive, where the first example wasn't.

I'd probably use $new[8] myself and avoid regex altogether

$password = ( split '\|' => $pish, -1 )[3];
chop $password if $my_data_always_has_space;

I love these Perl threads :)


You are here: irt.org | BBS | Re: Perl string manipulation [This BBS is closed]

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