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Feedback on: Dynamic Floating Tool Tips, October 21, 2000 at 04:37:31:

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Feedback on:
Dynamic Floating Tool Tips

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. . . s k i n on October 21, 2000 at 04:37:31:


The script (referring to example 15) has a bug in it, which i haven't been able to solve.

When the page get's too long, hence becomes scrollable, it seems the ToolTip gets an ever increasing offset to the top of the page; this results in the following effect:

When adding content, at some point you see the tooltip starting to float above the link, adding more text means, the tip floats higher above the link, and at some point it dissapears from the page (it is shown, but displayed in that portion which is invisible, because you scrolled down).

It seems this is an IE 5> only problem, in NN4> it functions properly.

I found an easy solution for the purpose i need the script by just fixing the location of the Tooltip in the left-bottom corner.

However, i guess for a more dynamic solution, one needs to use the position of the link and make a calculation based on the visible portion of the page (clientheight or something like that). Did not try yet.

Hope the above makes at least a bit sense...

. . . s k i n

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