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Feedback on: Building a Dynamic Thank You Page, July 01, 1999 at 16:21:28:

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Feedback on:
Building a Dynamic Thank You Page

Sent by
fei zheng on July 01, 1999 at 16:21:28:

Very worth reading

Just right

Just right

It's a very useful script. I like to use file userform.cgi in my index.htm for my personal web page. I have change the <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="/cgi-bin/userform.cgi" onSubmit="return thankYou(this)">
to be
<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="http://www.irt.org/cgi-bin/userform.cgi" onSubmit="return thankYou(this)">
But it keeps saying that userform.cgi is not found.

Could you please tell me how I should change the orginal script?

I would appreciate your help if you could help me out.

- Fei

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