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Feedback: irt.org FAQ Knowledge Base Q485

Feedback on: irt.org FAQ Knowledge Base Q485

Sent by ay han on July 17, 1999 at 16:35:56: - feedback #311

it simply does not work.

i am using netscape 4.51 on win95b.

gets message on netscape javscript console:

unable to reflect embed with index 0 - not loaded yet?.

Sent by Howard Lloyd on May 11, 2000 at 17:12:05: - feedback #1213

Worth reading

Couldn't get this to work in NS4.72.

IE5.0 gave error, said re line:


"object not supported in DOM"

Changing run() to play() worked in IE5.0. Still no joy with NS4.72

Sent by Jim on November 10, 2000 at 12:56:42: - feedback #1986

I inserted image. OK. Inserted my sound.mid after embed src"XXX.mid, in two places, and nothing.??
what goes in a href after the #??

thanks for the script. I must be leaving someting out. Jim

Sent by Frustrated User on February 25, 2001 at 16:37:58: - feedback #2418

Not worth reading

try posting some code that actually works!!!

Sent by Shibu Nair on June 29, 2001 at 00:59:09: - feedback #2919

Too long

Hello., I tried using the code, but met with some problem. Well i got another code: This works in IE as Well in Netscape.

<script language="JavaScript">

function MM_controlSound(x, _sndObj, sndFile) { //v3.0
var i, method = "", sndObj = eval(_sndObj);
if (sndObj != null) {
if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape') method = "play";
else {
if (window.MM_WMP == null) {
window.MM_WMP = false;
for(i in sndObj) if (i == "ActiveMovie") {
window.MM_WMP = true; break;
} }
if (window.MM_WMP) method = "play";
else if (sndObj.FileName) method = "run";
} }
if (method) eval(_sndObj+"."+method+"()");
else window.location = sndFile;

<a href="Filename.htm" onMouseOver="ChangeImage('l1');MM_controlSound('play','document.CS993792961750','Laser.wav')">


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