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Feedback on: Why bother with JavaScript?, January 09, 2002 at 18:10:51:

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Feedback on:
Why bother with JavaScript?

Sent by
Johann Holt on January 09, 2002 at 18:10:51:

Very worth reading


As a website developer, I use xhtml and CSS on my site. I have been wary of using JavaScript up to now because I myself disable it in many of my browsers.
This is mostly because of the incessant use of popups which every kid with a website uses.
I also use 6 or 7 different browsers to check my web pages. I have found that Icab and Opera both have problems displaying many JavaScript scripts (although, to be fair, IE and Netscape 6 are the only browsers worth a damn with CSS.)
My basic workaround is to use JavaScript very sparingly. I have a redirect script for any non-IE or Netscape 6 users to a non-CSS page, and a date script, but I haven't found anything else really worth my time, and the worth the headache of worrying if the script will work with user x.
Now, what does need to be discussed is getting browsers up to speed on CSS so I can stop using IE.

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