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Feedback on: Re-directing access within Frames #2, on November 12, 1999 at 22:04:12:

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Feedback on:
Re-directing access within Frames #2

Sent by
Clark Thompson on November 12, 1999 at 22:04:12:

Too technical

I am a beginner at this.

Can you tell me how to correct the script language in the lower left
frame of this website so that the topics retrieved by the Search engine will
display in the right frame as they do when using the Table of Contents?


The current code looks like this:

<P><B> Search for a Topic</B>
<BR>Click the entry you want and then click '<B>Go To</B>'
<P><FORM><SELECT name="list" size="5">

<OPTION value="topic1.htm">Topic 1; 
<OPTION value="topic2.htm">Topic 2; 
<OPTION value="topic3.htm">Topic 3; 

</SELECT><INPUT type="button" value="Go To"

However, this causes the searched topic to fill the entire window - which I
do not want.

The parent frame name is 'startframe.htm'. Loaded in its left column is
'leftcolm.htm' which, in turn, contains 2 rows. The top row displays
'toc.htm' and the bottom row displays 'list.htm'. The name of the frame in
the parent I want the search topics to appear is named "right".

All these files reside in the 'testsearch' folder in case you need to take a
look at them.


- Clark Thompson

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