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Feedback on: Dropdown Menus #2, February 06, 1999 at 11:59:12:

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Feedback on:
Dropdown Menus #2

Sent by
James Asher on February 06, 1999 at 11:59:12:

Too technical

Hello. After trying my hardest for weeks to find something relating to my problem, I believe I have found it, this site. However I don't quite understand it. I have a frames page with a drop down menu on one page. The frames page is set up so that there are directional keys on the left, then the rest of the site is on the right -- a common frames site. However, on a few of the pages i have a dropdown menu that takes you to different pages. But when i do that, it opens up a new broswer. I have found out that i need a special JavaScript applet to do it correctly. The problem is, i don't know javascript. So i cant' write it, and i can't really find anywhere that has it. I foudn this site, and i think it is what i need, but, like i siad earlier, i dont' understand it. So i guess if you could help me in what i need i would greatly appreciate it. I am also under a deadline, one comming up very very soon. So if you could kindly respond soon, I woul GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you for your tiem and effort.

James Asher

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