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<introduction> Many thanks to the thousands of contributors (//foldoc.org/contributors.html) and especially to the Guest Editors, mirror site maintainers and the maintainers of the following resources from which some entries originate:

Mike Sendall's STING Software engineering glossary <sendall@dxpt01.cern.ch>, 1993-10-13,

Bill Kinnersley's Language List (http://people.ku.edu/~nkinners/LangList/Extras/langlist.htm) v2.2, 1994-01-15,

Mark Hopkins' catalogue of Free Compilers and Interpreters v6.4, 1994-02-28,

The on-line hacker Jargon File v3.0.0, 1993-07-27,

Internet Users' Glossary (RFC 1392, FYI 18), Jan 1993.

John Cross's computer glossary, 1994-11-01.

John Bayko's Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present, v4.0.0, 1994-08-18.

Electronic Commerce Dictionary.


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