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Andrew Fluegelman

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<person> A successful attorney, editor of PC World Magazine, and author of the MS-DOS communications program PC-TALK III, written in 1982. He once owned the trademark "freeware" but it wasn't enforced after his disappearance.

In 1985, Fluegelman was diagnosed with cancer. He was last seen a week later, on 1985-07-06, when he left his Marin County home to go to his office in Tiburon. He called his wife later that day and has not been heard from since. His car was found at Vista Point on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

[San Francisco Examiner Sunday Magazine, October 1985].

Shareware history (http://paulspicks.com/history.asp).

NEWSBYTES article (http://textfiles.fisher.hu/news/freeware.txt).



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