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<language> (Formerly "Calico"). An object-oriented language from Bell Laboratories which uniformly represents all data as pointers to self-described objects. C+@ provides multiple inheritance with delegation and with control over which methods come from which delegated object; and default methodologies. It has a simple syntax with emphasis on graphics. It was originally used for prototyping of telecommunication services.

The language is patented by AT&T and Unir Tech has the exclusive license from Bell Labs to distribute C+@. Unfortunately Unir is owned and operated by well-known anti-IETF ranter, Jim Fleming, which may have had something to do with the language's rapid disappearence from the radar screen.

It runs under SunOS and compiles to Vcode.

E-mail: Jim Vandendorpe <jimvan@iexist.att.com>.

["A Dynamic C-Based Object-Oriented System for Unix", S. Engelstad et al, IEEE Software 8(3):73-85 (May 1991)].

["The C+@ Programming Language", J. Fleming, Dr Dobbs J, Oct 1993, pp.24-32].

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