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Consortium for Lexical Research

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<body> (CLR) A repository for natural language processing software, lexical data, tools and resources; set up in July 1991 in the Computing Research Laboratory of New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.

CLR maintained a public FTP archive site and a separate members-only library. As of 1994-02-01, CLR had about 60 members, mostly academic institutions, including most US natural language processing centres. Materials could be contributed in exchange for membership.

In 2006, the CRL closed down due to lack of funding. The CLR FTP server and e-mail address seems to have disappeared with it.

[{The Consortium for Lexical Research, Y. Wilks, Principal Investigator, Computing Research Laboratory, New Mexico State University (http://clair.eecs.umich.edu/aan/paper.php?paper_id=H92-1114)}].


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