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<communications, standard> (Formerly "RS-422") An EIA serial line standard which specifies 4-wire, full-duplex, differential line, multi-drop communications. The mechanical connections for this interface are specified by EIA-449. The maximum cable length is 1200m. Maximum data rates are 10Mbps at 1.2m or 100Kbps at 1200m. EIA-422 cannot implement a truly multi-point communications network (such as with EIA-485), although only one driver can be connected to up to ten receivers. The best use of EIA-422 is probably in EIA-232 extension cords.

Comparing EIA-422, 423, 449 to RS-232-C (http://rad.com/networks/1995/rs232/rs449.htm). {Details on RS-232, 422, 423 and 485 (http://rs485.com/rs485spec.html)}.


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