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<messaging, tool> An IMAP-compliant electronic mail client from WinSoft Products Ltd. EMBLA Pro allows you to use an IMAP mail server in a true client/server network manner, once you've connected to the IMAP server, you can organise messages into folders on the server and you can view messages and any attached files at the server before deciding whether or not to download them to your local system. IMAP allows the user to select individual message attachments to be viewed and/or downloaded. You can delete files and messages from the server, move or copy them to the local computer or leave them for future retrieval. EMBLA Pro also supports the standard POP3 protocol. Both POP3 and IMAP2 run over E-SMTP.

The IMAP Unix daemons can support specific environments, for example, Sun MailTool attachments. All flavours of Unix are catered for with a suite of binary mail daemons, eg: SunSoft Solaris, HP, IBM and SCO.

EMBLA conforms to the SMTP, E-SMTP, MIME and IMAP Internet standards - RFC1590 (RFC1521), RFC1522, RFC1426, RFC1425, RFC1176, RFC0822, RFC0821 and the draft update of RFC1176.



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