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Eli Compiler Construction System

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<tool> A compiler generation package which integrates off-the-shelf tools and libraries with specialised language processors to generate complete compilers quickly and reliably. It simplifies the development of new special-purpose languages, implementation of existing languages on new hardware and extension of the constructs and features of existing languages.

It runs on Sun-4 SunOS 4, 5, Ultrix/MIPS, RS/6000, HP-UX, SGI, Linux.

Colorado U (ftp://ftp.cs.colorado.edu/pub/cs/distribs/eli/). Europe (ftp://ftp.upb.de/unix/eli).

Mailing list: <eli-request@cs.colorado.edu>.

E-mail: <compiler@uni-paderborn.de>, Developers <eli@cs.colorado.edu>, Users .


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