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1. <unit> megaflops.

2. <benchmark> A benchmark which attemps to estimate a system's floating-point "MFLOPS" rating for specific FADD, FSUB, FMUL and FDIV instruction mixes.

C Source (ftp://ftp.nosc.mil/pub/aburto/flops20.c). Results (http://performance.netlib.org/performance/html/flops.html), (ftp://ftp.nosc.mil/pub/aburto/flops_1.tbl), (ftp://ftp.nosc.mil/pub/aburto/flops_2.tbl), (ftp://ftp.nosc.mil/pub/aburto/flops_3.tbl), (ftp://ftp.nosc.mil/pub/aburto/flops_4.tbl).


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