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Object-Oriented Turing

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<language> An extension of Turing and a replacement for Turing Plus by R.C. Holt <holt@csri.toronto.edu>, U Toronto, 1991. Object-Oriented Turing supports imperative programming, object-oriented programming and concurrent programming. It has modules, classes, single inheritance, processes, exception handling and optional machine-dependent programming.

There is an integrated environment under the X Window System and a demo version (ftp://turing.toronto.edu/pub/turing). Versions exist for Sun-4, MIPS, RS-6000 and others.

E-mail: <ootinfo@turing.toronto.edu>.

["A Conceptual Framework for Software Development", Mancoridis et al, eds, ACM SIGSCE Conference, Feb 1993, Indianapolis]. ["Turing Reference Manual", 1992, ISBN 0-921598-15-7].


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