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<communications, product> A terminal emulator program, originally from Datastorm Technologies, used for connection to BBSes etc.

Procomm Plus for Windows incorporates automatic modem detection, a custom log-on script generator and sophisticated off-line message managers for CompuServe and MCI Mail. It also has a fax send and receive capability.

Version 2.0 was chosen as the Editors Choice in PC Magazine 1995-03-14.

Procomm Plus is now distributed by Symantec, Inc..

Procomm Home (http://symantec.com/procomm/).

Version 2.4.3 1989-01-01 (http://ftp.bauru.unesp.br/comunicacao/procomm/PRCM243.NEW).

Current Version: Procomm Plus 4.8, as of 2004-06-29.


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