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Scalable POWERparallel 2.

A line of RISC-based processors from IBM using symmetric multi-processing. SP/2 replaced SP/1.

The SP2 is a classical MPP design, based on a Shared Nothing architecture. The SP2 is an example of the Distributed Memory Processor (DMP) parallel model, with individual nodes interconnected over a LAN, or a High-Performance Switch (HPS). SP2 systems can have from 2 to 512 nodes. Each node is a RISC system/6000 running IBM's AIX operating system.

The SP2 supports applications in both technical and commercial environments. In terms of commercial applications, the SP2 is typically being used in support of, MIS/DSS including data mining, business applications e.g. SAP, Alternative Mainframe/Mainframe Offload, LAN Server Consolidation.


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