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Sendmail Inc.

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<company> The company, announced in November 1997 and launched in March 1998, created by Eric Allman, the original author of Sendmail. Allman is Chief Technology Officer, Greg Olson is President and CEO.

Sendmail Inc. will sell commercial upgrades, service and support to Internet Service Providers and corporations running critical e-mail applications, while still continuing freeware development.

Sun Microsystems founders Bill Joy and Andy Bechtolscheim are among the investors in the company, along with Tim O'Reilly of publishers O'Reilly & Associates and John Funk of e-mail company InfoBeat Inc..

Allman said that he devoted the fist six months of the life of Sendmail Inc. to finalising the freeware release. A commercial version was due in summer 1998, at around $1000 per server. The company is expected to reach $40m annual sales within three years. Funding is in the region of $1.25m.


Address: Emeryville, California, USA.


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