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<computer> A personal computer released in 1980 by Intertec. The Superbrain had two Z80A microprocessors running at 4 MHz, one for the main processing and the other for peripheral activities. It had an integrated keyboard and display. It was sold with the CP/M operating system, Microsoft Basic, an 8080 assembler and Microsoft Cobol 74.

The base model, the "Superbrain 10", had no drives, only a network connection. Other models added one or two 5" floppy disc units. The "Jr" had 170K drives (single-sided), the "QD" had 340 KB drives (double-sided) and the "SD" had 780k.

Intertec did not sell or support a hard drive or an S-100 bus for these machines.

The network version of the SuperBrain was called CompuStar. The network was a large gray parallel cable. CompuStar had three "file servers" that accepted up to 255 machines. These were the "DSS-10" with a 10MB 8" Winchester drive; the "CDC" with 96MB consisting of 80MB fixed and a 16MB removable platter; and the "Priam" with a 144MB 14" platter winchester. Intertec manufactured the controllers for the last two and an enclosure and power supply for the Priam. CDC had to go on-site to install the 96MB.

The SuperBrain was succeeded in 1982 by the SuperBrain II.



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