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Logic, Inheritance, Functions and Equations

parts: interpreter, manual, tests, libraries, examples

Paradise Project, DEC Paris Research Laboratory.

(ftp://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/plan/Life.tar.Z) - Wild_LIFE interpreter from Paradise project at DEC's Paris Research Lab

LIFE is an experimental programming language with a powerful facility for structured type inheritance. It reconciles styles from functional programming, logic programming, and object-oriented programming. LIFE implements a constraint logic programming language with equality (unification) and entailment (matching) constraints over order-sorted feature terms. The Wild_LIFE interpreter has a comfortable user interface with incremental query extension ability. It contains an extensive set of built-in operations as well as an X Windows interface.

A semantic superset of LOGIN and LeFun. Syntax is similar to prolog.

bugs: <life-bugs@prl.dec.com>

ports: MIPS-Ultrix

Mailing list: life-request@prl.dec.com

E-mail: Peter Van Roy <vanroy@prl.dec.com>


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