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Version: V3.0 Patch Level 1.

<networking, tool> A multi-user chat program by Britt Yenne <yenne@austin.eds.com>. YTalk works almost exactly like the standard Unix talk program and even communicates with the same talk daemon(s), but YTalk supports multiple connections.

Multiple user names may be given as command-line arguments, in the form "name#tty@host" where the optional "#tty" specifies a particular tty.

YTalk is able to communicate with both existing versions of Unix talk daemons. Once connected, typing escape gives access to a menu of commands to add or delete users, trace to a file, or set options. If run under the X Window System, YTalk will use separate X windows for each user in the conversaton, otherwise it will split the terminal screen between them.

E-mail: <ytalk@austin.eds.com>.



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