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Acknowledgements; A#; A-0; a1; A1 security; A20 handler; A-3; A3D; A4C; a56; AAC; AADL; AAL; AAP; AAP DTD; aard; AARP; AARP probe packets; AAUI; A&B; abbrev; Abbreviated Test Language for Avionics Systems; ABC; ABC ALGOL; ABCL/1; ABCL/c+; ABCL/R; ABCL/R2; abduction; ABEND; AberMUD; ABI; ABLE; ABM; ABNF; abort; ABP; ABR; abscissa; ABSET; absolute path; absolute pathname; abstract; abstract class; abstract data type; abstract interpretation; abstraction; abstract machine; Abstract Machine Notation; abstract syntax; Abstract Syntax Notation 1; abstract syntax tree; Abstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language; Abstract Windowing Toolkit; Abstract Window Toolkit; ABSYS; AC2; AC3; ACA; ACAP; Accelerated Graphics Port; accelerator; Accent; accept; Acceptable Use Policy; acceptance testing; Acceptance, Test Or Launch Language; acceptor; Access; Access Control List; access method; access permission; access point; access time; ACCLAIM; Accounting File; accounting management; Account Representative; ACCU; accumulator; accuracy; ACE; ACF; ACF/NCP; ACIA; ACID; ACIS; ACK; ACL; ACM; ACME; ACOM; acorn; Acorn Archimedes; Acorn Computer Group; Acorn Computers Ltd.; Acorn Online Media; Acorn RISC Machine; A Coroutine Language; ACOS; acoustic coupler; ACP; ACPI; Acrobat; acronym; ACSE; ACT; ACT++; Act1; ACT 1; Act2; Act3; Actalk; Actis; activation record; active DBMS; Active Directory; Active Language I; active matrix display; Active Measurement Project; Active Monitor; active object; Active Reconfiguring Message; active record pattern; Active Server Pages; ActiveX; ActiveX Data Objects; ACT ONE; Actor; actor; Actors; actor/singer/waiter/webmaster; Actra; actual argument; Actus; AD; ad; Ada; Ada++; Ada 83; Ada 95; Ada 9X; ADABAS; Ada Core Technologies; Ada/Ed; Adaline; Ada Lovelace; ADAM; Adam7; Adamakegen; ADAMO; Adam Osborne; Ada-O; Adaplan; Adaplex; Ada Programming Support Environment; ADAPT; Adaptable User Interface; Adaptec; adaptive answering; Adaptive Communication Environment; Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation; adaptive learning; adaptive routing; Adaptive Server Enterprise; Adaptive Simulated Annealing; Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding; Adaptor; Ada Semantic Interface Specification; Ada Software Repository; A Data Management System; ADC; ADCCP; A/D converter; ADCU; AD/Cycle; ADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL; ADDD; additive; address; address book; address bus; addressed call mode; addressee; addressing mode; address mask; address resolution; Address Resolution Protocol; address space; Address Strobe; ADELE; ADES; ad-hockery; ad-hoc polymorphism; Aditi; adjacency; adjacent; ADL; AdLog; ADM; ADMD; admin; Administration Management Domain; administrative distance; Administrative Domain; admissible; ADO; Adobe Systems, Inc.; Adobe Type Manager; ADPCM; ADR; ADS; ADSL; ADSP; ADSU; ADT; Advanced Audio Coding; Advanced Communication Function/Network Control Program; Advanced Communications Function; Advanced Computing Environment; Advanced Configuration and Power Interface; Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol; Advanced Encryption Standard; Advanced Function Presentation; Advanced Function Printing; Advanced Intelligent Tape; Advanced Interactive eXecutive; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Advanced Network Systems Architecture; Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking; Advanced Power Management; Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller; Advanced Program-to-Program Communications; Advanced Research Projects Agency; Advanced Research Projects Agency Network; Advanced Revelation; Advanced RISC Computing Specification; Advanced RISC Machine; Advanced RISC Machines Ltd.; Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface; Advanced Software Environment; Advanced STatistical Analysis Program; Advanced Technology Attachment; Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions; Advanced Video Coding; Advanced WavEffect; Advantage Gen; ADVENT; Adventure Definition Language; ADVSYS; adware; AE; ae; AED; AEGIS; Aegis; Aeolus; AEP; aeroplane rule; AES; AESOP; af; AFAC; AFAIK; affine transformation; affordance; AFIPS; AFJ; AFK; aflex; AFNOR; AFP; AFS; AFUU; ag; agent; aggregate type; aggregation; aggregator; AGL; AGM Theory for Belief Revision; Agner Krarup Erlang; AGORA; AGP; AGP graphics; A Hardware Programming Language; AHDL; AHPL; AI; ai; AIA; AI-complete; AID; AIDA; AIDS; AIDX; AIFF; AI International; Aiken code; AI koan; AIMACO; Aimnet; Aion Development System; AIR; AIr MAterial COmmand compiler; airplane rule; AIT; AIX; Ajax; AKC; AKCL; A. K. Erlang; AKL; AL; al; Aladdin Enterprises; Aladdin Systems, Inc.; ALADIN; ALAM; Alan F. Shugart; A-language; A Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy; A Language for Attributed Definitions; A Language with an Extensible Compiler; Alan Kay; Alan M. Turing; Alan Shugart; Alan Turing; ALARP; A-law; ALC; Alcool-90; ALCOR; Aldat; ALDES; ALDiSP; ALEC; ALEF; ALEPH; Aleph; aleph 0; alert; Alex; Alexis; ALF; Alfl; algebra; ALGEBRAIC; algebraic; Algebraic Compiler and Translator; algebraic data type; Algebraic Interpretive Dialogue; Algebraic Logic Functional language; Algebraic Manipulation Package; Algebraic Specification Language; algebraic structure; Algebra of Communicating Processes; ALGOL; ALGOL 58; ALGOL 60; ALGOL 60 Modified; ALGOL 60 Revised; ALGOL 68; ALGOL 68C; ALGOL 68-R; ALGOL 68 Revised; ALGOL 68RS; ALGOL 68S; ALGOL C; ALGOL D; ALGOL N; ALGOL W; ALGOL X; ALGOL Y; algorithim; algorithm; ALgorithm DEScription; ALgorIthmic ASsembly language; Algorithmic Language; Algorithmic Model; Algorithmic Processor Description Language; Algorithmic Test Case Generation; ALGY; ALIAS; alias; aliasing; aliasing bug; Alice; alife; A-Life; ALJABR; al-Khwarizmi; Allegro; all-elbows; ALLIANCE; Allman style; allow-none; ALLOY; ALM; Aloha; Aloha Net; Alonzo Church; ALP; ALPAK; ALPHA; Alpha; Alpha AXP 21164; alpha/beta pruning; alphabetic language; alpha conversion; Alpha EV6; Alpha Geek; alphanumeric; alpha particle; Alphard; alpha testing; ALPS; alt; ALTAC; Altair 8800; Alta Vista; alt bit; ALTER; Alternating bit protocol; altmode; ALTRAN; alt.sources; ALU; Aluminum Book; Alvey; AM; am; Amanda; A Manufacturing Language; amateur packet radio; Amber; AMBIT; AMBIT/G; AMBIT/L; AMBIT/S; AMBUSH; AMD; AMD 29000; AMD 29027; Amdahl; Amdahl Corporation; Amdahl's Law; AMD Am2901; AMD Am2903; AMD Am2910; AMD K7; American National Standard; American National Standards Institute; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Standard Code for Information Interchange; American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.; American Wire Gauge; America On-Line, Inc.; America's Multimedia Online; AMI; Amiga; Amiga E; Aminet; AML; AML/E; AMO; Amoeba; AMP; amper; Ampere; ampersand; AMPL; AMPLE; Amplitude Modulation; amp off; AMPPL-II; AMPS; AMS; AMTRAN; Amulet; an; analog; analog computer; Analog Hardware Design Language; analogue; analogue computer; Analogy Model; analytical CRM; Analytical Engine; Analytical Machine; Analytical Solutions Forum; anchor; ANCP; AND; ANDF; Andorra-I; Andorra Kernel Language; Andorra-Prolog; Andrei Markov; Andrew File System; Andrew Fluegelman; Andrew Message System; Andrew Project; Andrew S. Tanenbaum; Andrew Tanenbaum; Andrew Toolkit; Andy Tanenbaum; An Evolutionary System for On-line Programming; Angel; angle bracket; Anglo-Saxon point; angry fruit salad; ANI; Animated GIF; animation; Animus; ANL; Anna; annealing; annotate; ANNotated Ada; annotation; annoybot; annoyware; Annual Change Traffic; annulled branch; anonymous FTP; ANother Tool for Language Recognition; ANR; ANS; ANSA; ANSI; ANSI C; ANSI Minimal BASIC; ANSI/SPARC; ANSI/SPARC Architecture; ANSI/SPARC model; ANSI X12; ANSI Z39.50; antenna gain; Anthony Hoare; anti-aliasing; antichain; antisymmetric; antivirus; antivirus program; antivirus software; ANTLR; ANU; ANU ML; any key; anytime algorithm; ao; AOCE; AOL; AOP; AOS; APA; Apache; Apache Software Foundation; APAL; APAREL; A PArse REquest Language; APC; APDL; APE; apE; API; APIC; APL; APL2; APLGOL; APLWEB; APM; Apollo Computer; apostrophe; app; APPC; AppKit; APPLE; Apple; Apple Address Resolution Protocol; Apple Attachment Unit Interface; Apple Computer, Inc.; Apple II; Apple Macintosh; Apple Newton; Apple Open Collaboration Environment; AppleScript; Applesoft BASIC; applet; Appletalk; AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol; AppleTalk Filing Protocol; apple-touch-icon; apple-touch-icon-precomposed; appletviewer; application; Application Binary Interface; Application Configuration Access Protocol; Application Control Architecture; Application Developer; application development; application enablement services; Application environment specification; Application Executive; Application Integration Architecture; application layer; application lifecycle management; Application Portability Architecture; application program; Application Program Interface; Application Programming Interface; Application Protocol Data Unit; Applications Development Manager; application server; Application Service Element; application service provider; applications language; application software; Application Software Installation Server; Application-Specific Integrated Circuit; Applications Programming Interface; applications software; application testing; Application Visualisation System; applicative language; Applicative Language for Digital Signal Processing; applicative order reduction; APPLOG; APPN; approximation algorithm; April Fool's Joke; A Programming Language; APSE; APT; APX III; aq; AQL; ar; arbitrary precision calculator; ARC; arc; Arcade; ArchBSD; archie; Archimedes; architecture; Architecture Neutral Distribution Format; archive; archive site; ARCnet; ARCS; Arctic; arena; ARES; AREV; AREXX; arg; argument; Argus; Ariel; ARI Service; ARITH-MATIC; Arithmetic and Logic Unit; arithmetic mean; arity; arj; Arjuna; ARL; ARM; ARM610; ARM7; ARM710; ARM7500; ARM8; ARM800; ARM Ltd; ARMM; armour-plated; ARP; ARPA; ARPANET; ARQ; array; array processor; Array Processor Assembly Language; Array Theory; arrow key; ART; Artemis microkernel; Artifex; artificial intelligence; Artificial Intelligence Lab; Artificial Life; artificial neural network; Artisoft, Inc.; Artistic license; ARTSPEAK; AS; as; as31; AS/400; ASA; asap; asbestos; asbestos cork award; asbestos longjohns; ascender; ASCI; ASCII; ASCII art; ASCIIbetical order; ASCIIbonics; ASCII character table; ASCII graphics; ASDIMPL; ASDL; ASDO IMPlementation Language; ASE; A* search; ASF; ash; Ashmedai; Ashton-Tate Corporation; ASIC; Asiliant Technologies; A Simulation Process-Oriented Language; ASIS; ASK; ASL; ASL+; As Low As Reasonably Practicable; ASM; ASME; ASN; ASN.1; ASP; ASPECT; ASpecT; aspect; aspect-oriented programming; aspect ratio; ASPEN; ASPI; ASPIK; Aspirin; ASPLE; ASPOL; ASQC; ASR; assembler; ASSEMBLY; assembly code; Assembly Language; assembly language; Assembly Language Compiler; Assembly Language for Multics; as sensible as a dictionary; assertion; ASSET; asset management; Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology; assigned numbers; assignment; assignment problem; Association Control Service Element; Association for Computational Linguistics; Association for Computing; Association for Computing Machinery; Association for Progressive Communications; Association for SIMULA Users; Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Unix; Association of American Publishers; Association of C and C++ Users; Association of Lisp Users; associative array; associative memory; Associative Memory Parallel Processing Language; associativity; AST; ASTAP; AST Computers, LLC; asterisk; asterix; Astra Digital Radio; Astral; AST Research, Inc.; asymmetrical modulation; Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line; Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop; asynchronous; Asynchronous Balanced Mode; Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter; asynchronous logic; Asynchronous Transfer Mode; asyncronous; AT; at; AT-3; ATA; ATA-2; ATA-4; Atanasoff-Berry Computer; Atanasoff, John Vincent; ATAPI; ATA point; Atari; Atari ST; AT Attachment; AT Attachment Packet Interface; AT bus architecture; AtFS; Athena; Atherton Technology; Athlon; ATIS; ATK; ATLAS; Atlas Autocode; ATM; ATM Forum; ATMP; atob; ATOLL; atomic; A Tools Integration Standard; ATRAC; ATS; at sign; AT&T; Attachment Unit Interface; attacks as a service; AT&T Bell Labs; attenuation; atto-; attoparsec; attribute; Attributed File System; Attribute Translation System; ATX; au; aubergine; audio; audiographics; audiographic teleconferencing; Audio IFF; AudioOne; Audio Processing Technology; Audio Video Interleave; Augmented Backus-Naur Form; AUI; A'UM; AUP; Aurora; Austin Kyoto Common Lisp; authentication; authoring; autobaud; autobogotiphobia; AutoCAD; Autocode; AUTOCODER; autoconf; autoconfiscate; Autodesk, Inc.; AUTOEXEC.BAT; AUTOGRAF; AUTOGRP; Auto Idle; Autolisp; autoloader; automagically; automata; automata theory; Automated Engineering Design; AUTOmated GRouPing system; Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation; automated testing; AUTOMATH; Automatically Programmed Tools; automatic baud rate detection; automatic hyphenation; Automatic Mathematical TRANslation; Automatic Network Routing; Automatic Number Identification; Automatic Repeat Request; Automatic Send Receive; Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator; automation; Automatische Rechenplanfertigung; automaton; Automatrix, Inc.; Autonomous System; Autonomous System Number; Autopass; autopilot code; autoprojector; AUTO-PROMPT; Autostat; autostereogram; A/UX; auxiliary storage; av; availability; Avalon/C++; Avalon/Common LISP; avatar; AVC; average seek time; AverStar; AVI; Avon; AVS; aw; AWE; AWG; awk; AWT; aXe; AXIOM; axiom; AXIOM*; Axiomatic Architecture Description Language; axiomatic semantics; axiomatic set theory; Axiom of Choice; Axiom of Comprehension; axiom schema; AXLE; ayacc; AYT; az; AZERTY;

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