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Free On-line Dictionary of Computing; F100-L; f2c; F2F; F68K; FAC; facebook.com; face time; face-to-face; Facile; facsimile; FACT; fact; factor; factorial; FAD; failback; failover; failure; failure-directed testing; FAIR; Fairchild F8; fall back; fall forward; fall over; fall through; fall thru; FALSE; fandango on core; fan-out; FAP; FAQ; FAQL; FAQ list; faradise; farkled; farm; farming; FARNET; fas; FASBOL; fascist; FASE; FAST; Fast ATA; Fast ATA-2; Faster LEX; Fast Ethernet; Fast Fourier Transform; Fast Packet; Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory; Fast SCSI; FAT; FAT32; fatal; fatal error; fatal exception; fat binary; fat client; fat electrons; fault; fault-based testing; fault tolerance; fault tolerant; Fault Tolerant Unix; fault tree analysis; fax; Fax over IP; FC; FC-AL; FCB; F-code; FCP; FC-PGA; FCS; FDC; FDD; FDDI; FDISK; fd leak; fdlibm; FDMA; FDSE; FDSP; FDT; fdx; FEA; fear and loathing; fear-driven development; feasibility study; feasible; feature; feature creature; feature creep; featurectomy; feature key; feature shock; FEC; FED; Federal Geographic Data Committee; Federal Information Exchange; Federal Information Processing Standards; Federal Networking Council; federation; Federation Against Software Theft Limited; Fedora; feed; feedback; feedback control; feed-forward; Feel; feep; feeper; feeping creature; feeping creaturism; FEL; femto-; fence; fencepost error; fepped out; FEPROM; Fermat prime; Fermat's Last Post; Ferranti F100-L; ferrite core memory; Ferroelectric RAM; Ferroelectric Random Access Memory; Fetch; fetch-execute cycle; Feynman, Richard P.; FF; ffccc; FFP; FFT; FGDC; FGHC; FGL; FGL+LV; FGRAAL; fgrep; FhG; FHS; FHSS; fi; Fiber Distributed Data Interface; Fiber Optic InterRepeater Link; fiber optics; Fibonacci sequence; Fibre Channel; Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop; fibre optics; FIDIL; FIDO; FidoNet; Fidonews; field; field circus; field effect transistor; field emission display; field mouse; field-programmable gate array; field servoid; FIFO; Fifth; Fifth Dimension Technologies; fifth generation language; fifth normal form; Fight-o-net; file; File Allocation Table; File Attach; File Composition; file compression; file control block; file descriptor; file descriptor leak; file extension; FileMaker; FileMaker, Inc.; filename extension; FileNet; File Request; File Separator; file server; File Service Protocol; file signature; file system; Filesystem Hierarchy Standard; file transfer; File Transfer Protocol; file type; filing system; filk; fill-out form; film at 11; FILO; Filtabyte; filter; filter promotion; FIMS; Finagle's Law; Financial Information eXchange; Finder; fine adjuster; fine grain; finger; finger-pointing syndrome; finite; Finite Automata; Finite Automaton; finite differencing; Finite Impulse Response; Finite State Automata; Finite State Automaton; Finite State Machine; finn; FIPS; FIR; firebottle; firefighting; Firefox; firehose syndrome; firewall; firewall code; firewall machine; FireWire; fireworks mode; Firmware; firmy; first class module; first fit; first generation; first generation computer; first generation language; first-in first-out; first normal form; first-order; first-order logic; First Party DMA; fish; FISH queue; FITNR; FITS; FIX; fix; fixed disk; fixed point; fixed-point; fixed point combinator; fixed-radio access; fixed-width; FIXME; fixpoint; fj; Fjolnir; fk; FL; F+L; flag; flag day; FLAIR; flaky; flamage; flame; flame bait; flame off; flame on; flamer; flame war; flaming; FLAP; flap; flapping router; flarp; Flash; flash; flash drive; Flash EPROM; Flash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory; Flash Lights Impressively; flash memory; Flash ROM; flat; flat address space; flat ASCII; flat file; flat file database; flatten; flat thunk; Flavors; Fleng; FLEX; Flex; Flex++; Flex 2; FLI; flib; FLIC; FLIP; Flip Chip Pin Grid Array; flip-flop; flippy; FLIP-SPUR; float; floater; floating-point; floating-point accelerator; Floating-Point SPECbaserate; Floating-Point SPECbaseratio; Floating-Point SPECrate; Floating-Point SPECratio; floating point underflow; Floating-Point Unit; floating underflow; F-Logic; flood; FLOP; Floppy; floppy; floppy disc; floppy disk; floppy disk drive; floppy drive; FLOPS; Flops; floptical; Flow; flow chart; flow control; flower key; FLOW-MATIC or FLOWMATIC; flow of control; FLPL; FLUB; Fluegelman, Andrew; flush; Flynn's taxonomy; fly page; Flyspeck 3; flytrap; FM; fm; FMPL; FMQ; FMS; FMV; FNAL; FNC; fnord; FN tunnelling; fo; FOAD; FOAF; FOCAL; FOCL; FOCUS; focus group; FOD; FOIL; FoIP; FOIRL; fold case; folder; fold function; FOLDOC; followup; font; fontology; foo; foobar; foogol; FOOL; fool file; Fools' Lisp; Foonly; FOOP; foot-net; footprint; for; fora; FORC; Force; ForceOne; ForceTwo; foreground; Foreign eXchange Office; Foreign eXchange Subscriber; foreign key; Foresight; for free; fork; fork bomb; forked; for loop; FORM; FORMAC; FORMAL; formal argument; Formal Description Technique; formal methods; Formal Object Role Modeling Language; formal review; format; FORMAT-Fortran; Formatting Output Specification Instance; Formes; form factor; form feed; form function; FORML; forms; formula; Formula ALGOL; Forsythe; FORTH; for The Rest Of Them; for The Rest Of Us; Forth Modification Lab; Fortran; Fortran 66; Fortran 77; Fortran 90; Fortran Automatic Symbol Translator; Fortran D; Fortran I; Fortran II; Fortran III; Fortran IV; Fortran-Linda; Fortran M; Fortran Matrix Abstraction Technique Fortran; Fortran-Plus; FORTRANSIT; Fortran V; Fortran VI; Fortrash; FORTRUNCIBLE; fortune cookie; forum; for values of; forward; forward analysis; forward chaining; forward compatibility; forward compatible; forward delta; forward engineering; Forward Error Correction; forwards compatibility; forwards compatible; FORWISS; For Your Information; FOSI; FOSIL; FOSS; fossil; foundation; FOundation for Research and Technology - Hellas; four-colour glossies; four colour map theorem; four colour theorem; Fourier transform; fourth generation computer; fourth generation language; fourth normal form; Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling; Fox; FoxBASE+; FoxPRO; Fox Software; Fox Wiki; FP; FP2; FPA; fpc; FPGA; FPLMTS; FPM; FP/M; FPM DRAM; fprintf; fps; FPU; FQDN; FQL; fr; FRA; fractal; fractal compression; fractal dimension; FRAD; fragile; fragment; fragmentation; FRAM; frame; frame buffer; Frame Check Sequence; frame grabber; FrameKit; FrameMaker; frame pointer; frame rate; Frame Relay; Frame Relay Access Device; frames per second; Frame Technology Corporation; framework; Framework 4; framing specification; FRANK; Franz Lisp; Fraps; Fraunhofer Gesellschaft; FRED; fred; Fredette's Operating System Interface Language; frednet; free; FreeBSD; FreeHEP; Freenet; Free Objects for Crystallography; Free On-line Dictionary; free open-source software; FreePPP; freerexx; free software; Free Software Foundation; free variable; freeware; freeze; Frege, Gottlob; frequency division multiple access; frequency division multiplexing; Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum; Frequency Modulation; Frequency Shift Keying; frequently asked question; Fresco; Fresh; friction feed; fried; Friend; FRINGE; frink; friode; fritterware; FRL; FRMT-FTRN; frob; frobnicate; frobnitz; Frobozz Magic Programming Language; frogging; Frolic; front end; front-end processor; front side bus; frotzed; frowney; fry; FS; FSB; fsck; FSF; FSK; FSL; FSM; FSP; fsplit; FT; FTAM; FTP; FTP archive; FTP by mail; FTP server; FTP Software, Inc.; FTTP; FTW; FTX; FUBAR; FUD; fudge; fudge factor; Fudgets; FUDGIT; FUD wars; Fuel-can; Fugue; Fujitsu; full-custom; full-duplex; full-duplex Switched Ethernet; full laziness; full-motion video; full outer join; fully associative cache; Fully Automated Compiling Technique; fully lazy lambda lifting; fully qualified domain name; fum; Fun; function; functional; functional database; functional dependency; functionality; functional language; functional program; functional programming; functional programming language; functional requirements; functional specification; functional testing; functional unit; function application; function complete; Function Graph Language; function inlining; function key; Function Point Analysis; functor; funky; FUNLOG; FunnelWeb; funny money; furigana; furrfu; FUSE; FUSION; fusion; FutureBasic; future date testing; futz; fuzzball; fuzzy computing; fuzzy logic; fuzzy subset; fweep; FWIW; fx; FX-87; FX-90; FXO; FXS; FYA; FYI; FYI4;

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