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i18n; I2O; i386; i486; i487; i860; IA; IA32; IAB; IAD; IAL; IAM; IANA; IANAL; IAP; I-APL; IAR; IAS; IAW; IAYSDAH; IBEX; IBM; IBM 1130; IBM 1403; IBM 1620; IBM 1710; IBM 2741; IBM 3270; IBM 360; IBM 370; IBM 370ESA; IBM 370XA; IBM 3720; IBM390; IBM 650; IBM 700 series; IBM 701; IBM 704; IBM 7040; IBM 705; IBM 709; IBM 7090; IBM 7094; IBM 801; IBM compatible; IBM Customer Engineer; IBM discount; IBM PC; IBM PC AT; IBM PCjr; IBM PC XT; IBM System/36; IBM Systems Engineer; IBM zSeries; Ibpag2; Iburg; IC; ICA; ICAM; ICANN; I-CASE; ICBM address; ICE; icebreaker; ICES; ICETRAN; ICI; ICL; ICMP; ICMP Router Discovery Protocol; I-Comm; iCOMP; Icon; icon; Icon-Based Parser Generation System 2; Iconicode; ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.; IC-Prolog; IC Prolog II; ICQ; ICSI; ICT; ICW; ICWS; Id; id; I-D; ID10T; IDAMS; IDD; IDE; IDEA; IDEAL; ideal; Idealized CSP; Idealized Instruction Set; IDEF; IDEF0; idempotent; identifier; ideogram; I didn't change anything!; idk; IDL; IDMS; IDMSX; Id Nouveau; IDOL; IDS/I; IDSN; id Software; IDSS; IE; ie; IEC; IEC 559; IEEE; IEEE 1076; IEEE 1394; IEEE 488; IEEE 754; IEEE 802; IEEE 802.1; IEEE 802.2; IEEE 802.3; IEEE 802.3u; IEEE 802.3z; IEEE 802.4; IEEE 802.5; IEEE Computer Society; IEEE Floating Point Standard; IEEE Standard 1149.1; IEF; IEN; IEPG; IESG; IETF; IF1; IF2; IFAC; IFC; ifdef out; IFDL; IFF; iff; IFIP; IFP; IFS; IFX; If you want X, you know where to find it.; IGC; IGES; IGL; IGMP; IGP; IGPL; IGS; IGU; IHS; IHV; IIcx; IIDMS/R; IIL; IINREN; IIOP; IIR; IIRC; IIS; IIT; IITF; IITRAN; il; ILBM; ILF; ILIAD; I-Link; ILISP; ill-behaved; ILLIAC; Illiac IV; Illinois Functional Programming; ILOC; Ilog Solver; iMac; image; image formats; image map; image processing; image recognition; imaging; Imago Europe plc; Imago On-line; imake; IMAO; IMAP; imc; IMD; IMHO; IML; immediate version; Imminent Death Of The Net Predicted!; IMNSHO; IMO; IMP; impact printer; impedance; imperative; imperative language; imperative programming; Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine; Imperial Software Technology; IMPlementation language; implication; implicit parallelism; implicit type conversion; implies; imply; import; imprecise probability; IMProved Mercury autocode; IMR; IMS; IMS 6100; Imsai; IMS/Data Base; IMS/Data Communications; IMSE; IMTC; in; Ina Jo; InARP; in-band signaling; in-band signalling; inc; incantation; include; include war; inclusive; incomparable; incremental analysis; incremental backup; incremental constraint solver; Incremental Prototyping Technology for Embedded Realtime Systems; indent; indentation; indent style; Independent Computing Architecture; Independent Logical File; Independent Verification and Validation; index; Index Data; IndexedDB; Indexed Sequential Access Method; index.htm; index.html; index register; indices; indirect address; indirect addressing; indirection; indirect jump; induction; inductive inference; inductive relation; Industrial Programming, Inc.; Industrial Robot Language; Industry Standard Architecture; inetd; inews; infant mortality; infeasible path; inference; inference engine; inference rule; infimum; infinite; Infinite Impulse Response; infinite loop; Infinite Monkey Theorem; infinite set; infinity; infix notation; infix syntax; inflate; INFN; Infobahn; Info BASIC; infobot; Informatics Corporation; information; Information Algebra; Information and Communication Technology; Information Appliance; Information Builders; Information Engineering Facility; information highway; Information Infrastructure Task Force; Information Innovation; information island; Information Management; Information Management System; information overload; Information Processing Language; Information Resource Management; information superhighway; Information Systems Factory; information technology; information technology governance; Information Technology Infrastructure Library; Informix; InfoSeek; InfoStreet, Inc.; infotainment; InfoWord Office; infrared; Infrared Data Association; infrastructure; Inglish; INGRES; inheritance; initgame; initialise; Initial Microprogram Load; Initial Operational Test and Evaluation; Initial Program Load; Initial Program Loader; initiator; injection; inkjet printer; ink printer; inline; inline element; inline image; INMOS transputer; inner class; inner join; inner product; InnovAda; inode; in-order traversal; inout; IN point; Inprise Corporation; Input; input; input device; input/output; input/output redirection; inquiry/response system; INRIA; insanely great; insertion sort; INSIGHT; Insignia Solutions, Inc.; inspection; installable file system; installed user base; installer; instance; instance variable; instantiate; instantiation; Institute for Global Communications; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.; Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique; instruction; Instruction Address Register; instructional technology; instruction mnemonic; instruction prefetch; instruction scheduling; instruction set; instruction set architecture; Instruction Set Processor; instrument; int; INTCODE; integer; Integer SPECbaserate; Integer SPECbaseratio; Integer SPECrate; Integer SPECratio; integrated circuit; Integrated Database Management System; integrated development environment; Integrated Drive Electronics; Integrated Information Technology; Integrated Modelling Support Environment; Integrated Project Support Environment; Integrated Services Digital Network; Integrated Systems Architecture; Integrated Systems Laboratory; integration; integration testing; integrity; integrity constraint; Intel; Intel 4004; Intel 4040; Intel 486; Intel 486DX; Intel 486SX; Intel 487SX; Intel 8008; Intel 80186; Intel 80188; Intel 80286; Intel 80386; Intel 80386DX; Intel 80386SX; Intel 8048; Intel 80486; Intel 8051; Intel 8080; Intel 8085; Intel 8086; Intel 8088; Intel 80x86; Intel 8751; Intel Comparative Microprocessor Performance index; Intel Corporation; IntelDX4; Intel i960; INTELLECT; intellectual property; intelligent backtracking; intelligent database; Intelligent Input/Output; Intelligent I/O; intelligent key; intelligent terminal; IntelliMouse; Intel Literature Sales; Intelsat; Intel x86; intensional; Intent to Package; INTERACTIVE; interactive; Interactive CourseWare; Interactive Data analysis Language; Interactive Data Entry/Access; Interactive Data Language; interactive development environment; Interactive Development Environments; Interactive Software Engineering; Interactive System Productivity Facility; Interactive Voice Response; Interagency Interim National Research and Education Network; InterBase; INTERCAL; Interchange File Format; INTERCOM; Interdata; Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics; interesting; inter-exchange carrier; interface; interface analysis; Interface Architect; Interface Definition Language; Interface Description Language; Interface Message Processor; Interior Gateway Protocol; interlace; interlaced image; interlacing; Interlan; Interleaf; interleave; interleaving; INTERLINK; Interlisp; Interlisp-10; Interlisp-D; Intermedia; Intermedia Interchange Format; intermediate code; Intermediate Distribution Frame; Intermediate Programming Language; Intermediate System; Intermediate System-Intermediate System; intermercial; Intermetrics, Inc.; intermodulation distortion; internal field separators; Internal Translator; International Algebraic Language; International Atomic Time; International Business Machines; International Computers Limited plc; International Core War Society; International Data Encryption Algorithm; International Electrotechnical Commission; International Federation for Information Processing; International Function Point Users Group; internationalisation; internationalization; International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium; International Olympiad in Informatics; International Organisation for Standardisation; International Organization for Standardization; International Phonetic Alphabet; International Programmable Airline Reservation System; International Smalltalk Association; International Standard; International Telecommunications Union; International Traffic in Arms Regulation; Internaut; Internet; Internet Access Provider; Internet Adapter; Internet address; internet address; Internet Architecture Board; Internet Assigned Numbers Authority; Internet backbone; Internet Chess Server; Internet Control Message Protocol; Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; Internet-Draft; Internet Engineering and Planning Group; Internet Engineering Steering Group; Internet Engineering Task Force; Internet Experiment Note; Internet Explorer; Internet Express; Internet Foundation Classes; Internet Go Server; Internet Group Management Protocol; Internet Information Server; Internet Inter-ORB Protocol; Internet Message Access Protocol; Internet Monthly Report; Internet Network Information Center; internet number; Internet Open Trading Protocol; Internet Protocol; Internet Protocol Control Protocol; Internet Protocol version 4; Internet Protocol version 6; Internet provider; Internet Public Library; Internet Registry; Internet Relay Chat; Internet Research Steering Group; Internet Research Task Force; Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol; Internet Server Application Programming Interface; Internet Service Provider; Internet Society; Internet Telephony; Internet Telephony Service Providers; internetworking; Internetwork Packet eXchange; Internet Worm; Internex On-Line; InterNIC; interoperability; interoperable database; inter-packet gap; interpolation; Interpress; interpreted; interpreter; Interpretive Menu Processor; Inter-process Communication; interrupt; interrupt handler; interrupt list; interrupt priority level; interrupt request; interrupts; Intersil 6100; Intersil 6120; interstitial; Intertec; interupt; interval; InterViews; interworking; intranet; Intrinsics; introspection; introspection annotation; Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics; Intrusive Testing; Intuition; intuitionism; intuitionistic logic; intuitionistic probability; intuitionist logic; invariant; inverse; Inverse Address Resolution Protocol; inverse comment convention; inverted index; invoking a method; InWorld VR; IO; io; I/O; IOI; Iomega Corporation; I-OOA; I/O redirection; IOS; Iota; IOT&E; IOW; IP; IPA; iPad; IP address; IPARS; I-Pay; IPC; ipconfig; IPCP; IPE; Iperf; IPL; IP next generation; IPng; IP number; IPS; IPSE; IPsec; IPT; IP Telephony; IPv4; IPv6; IPX; IPXCP; IQ; iq; IQL; IR; ir; IrBUS; IRC; ircop; IRC penis war; IrDA; IrDA-C; IrDA Control; IrDA Data; IRDATA; IRDP; IRDS; IRET; IRIS; Iris; IRISA; IRIS Explorer; IRIX; IRL; IRM; iron; Iron Age; iron box; Ironman; ironmonger; IRQ; irrational number; irrefutable; IRSG; IRTF; IRUS; Irvine Dataflow; Irvine Research Unit in Software; IS; is; IS-11172; IS-13818; ISA; Isabelle; Isabelle-92; Isabelle-93; ISA bus; ISAKMP; ISAM; ISAPI; ISAPI filter; ISBL; ISDE; ISDN; ISE; ISEE; I see no X here.; ISETL; ISF; ISINDEX; ISIS; IS-IS; ISL; ISLisp; ISMAP; ISO; ISO 10646; ISO 3166; ISO 639-1; ISO 639-2; ISO 8072; ISO 8073; ISO 8208; ISO 8326; ISO 8327; ISO 8485; ISO 8613; ISO 8649; ISO 8650; ISO 8805; ISO 8807; ISO 8822; ISO 8823; ISO 8825; ISO 8859; ISO 8859-1; ISO 8879; ISO 9000; ISO 9072; ISO 9660; ISO 9735; ISOC; ISO C; isochronous; isochronous transfer; ISODE; ISO Development Environment; ISO/IEC 10646-1; ISO/IEC 26300; isolated; ISO Latin 1; isometric joystick; isometry; isomorphic; isomorphism; isomorphism class; ISO Pascal; ISO seven layer model; ISP; ISPBX; ISPF; ISPL; ISPS; IST; ISTAR; ISTM; ISV; ISWIM; IT; it; ITAR; Iterated Function System; iteration; iterative deepening; iterator; Iternet; IT governance; ITHACA; ITIL; ITP; ITS; it's a feature; ITSP; ITU; ITU-T; ITU-T X.680; ITU X.209; Ivan; Ivan Sutherland; Iverson's Language; IVR; ivs; IVTRAN; IV&V; IVY; IWay; IWBNI; IXC; IXI Limited; IXO; IYFEG;

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