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Entries starting with: 'L'

L0; L0pht; l10n; L1 cache; L2 cache; L2CAP; L2TP; L6; la; label; label edge router; Label Forwarding Information Base; label switched path; label switching; Label Switching Router; Lab for Computer Science; Laboratoire lorrain de recherche en informatique et ses applications; Laboratory INstrument Computer; Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench; LaborNet; Labtech Notebook; LabVIEW; Lace; lace card; ladder logic; LADY; lag; Lakota; LALR; lalr.ss; Lambada-Calculus; LAMBDA; lambda abstraction; lambda-calculus; lambda expression; lambda lifting; LambdaMOO; Lambda Prolog; lamer; LAMINA; lamp-post error; LAN; LAN administrator; LANCE; language; language-based editor; language code; Language for Communicating Systems; Language for the On-Line Investigation and Transformation of Abstractions; Language H; language lawyer; Language Of Temporal Ordering Specification; Language Sensitive Editor; language-sensitive editor; languages of choice; Laning and Zierler; Lan Kanal Adapter; LANL; Lan Manager; LANtastic; LAP; LAP4; LAPB; LAPD; LAPM; LAPSE; laptop; laptop computer; LaQuey; Larch; Larch/C++; LARCH/CLU; Large Installation Systems Administration; Larry Wall; LART; larval stage; lase; laser; laser printer; Lasherism; last call optimisation; last-in first-out; LAT; latch; latency; LaTeX; Latin 1; lattice; LAU; laundromat; LAURE; LAVA; law; LAWN; Lawrence Livermore Labs; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; LAX; layer; layer 1; layer 2; layer 3; layer 4; layer 5; layer 6; layer 7; Layer Two Tunneling Protocol; laziness; lazy evaluation; lazy list; Lazy SML; lazy sml2c; Lazy Standard ML; lb; LBA; LBE; LBL; LBX; lc; LCC; lcc; LCD; LCF; LCL; lclint; LCP; LCS; ld; LDAP; LDB; LDL; LDL1; LDP; LDT; LE/1; leading; LEAF; leaf; Leaf Distribution Limited; leaf site; League for Programming Freedom; leak; leaky heap; Lean; LEAP; leapfrog attack; leap second; learning curve; leased line; least fixed point; least recently used; least significant bit; least upper bound; leaves; LEC; LECOM; LED; LEDA; Leda; LED page printer; LED printer; leech; leet; left arrow; left brace; left bracket; left join; left outer join; left parenthesis; LeFun; legacy; legacy code; legacy software; legacy system; legal; legalese; LEGOL; Le-Lisp; lemma; Lempel-Ziv compression; Lempel-Ziv Welch compression; Lenat, Doug; lenient evaluation; LEO; Leo; LER; LERP; less than; LessTif; let floating; letterbomb; level 1 cache; level 2 cache; LEVEL5 OBJECT; level one cache; level-sensitive scan design; level two cache; Lex; lexeme; lexer; lexical analyser; lexical analysis; lexical scope; lexical scoping; lexiphage; LF; LFIB; LG; LGDF; LGEN; LGN; lha; LHARC; lhs; li; Liana; Liar; liar paradox; lib; libg++; library; Library of Efficient Data types and Algorithms; librery; LIDO; LiE; LIF; life; life-cycle; LIFIA; LIFO; lifted domain; LIGHT; light client; light-emitting diode; light-emitting resistor; light pen; light pipe; light-weight; Lightweight Directory Access Protocol; light-weight process; like kicking dead whales down the beach; like nailing jelly to a tree; like this; Lila; Lilith; LILLIAC IV; lilo; Lily; LIMDEP; LIM EMS; LIMP; Linc; Lincoln Reckoner; LINCtape; Linda; LindaLISP; line; line 666; linear address space; linear argument; linear assignment; linear function; Linear Graph Notation; linear logic; linear map; linear programming; linear space; linear topology; linear transformation; linear type; line conditioning; line eater; line editor; line feed; line noise; line printer; line probing; lines of code; lines per minute; line starve; Lingo; LINGOL; link; Link Access Procedure on the D channel; Link Access Protocol Balanced; Link Access Protocol for Modems; linkage editor; Link Control Protocol; link-dead; link editor; linked list; linker; link farm; link loader; link rot; links; Link State Routing Protocol; LINPACK; lint; Linux; Linux Documentation Project; Linux Loader; Linux Network Administrators' Guide; Linux User Group; lion food; Lions Book; LIPL; liquid crystal display; LIS; LISA; Liskov, Barbara; Liskov substitution principle; Lisp; LISP 1; LISP 1.5; LISP 2; LISP70; LISP A; LISP Extended Algebraic Facility; Lispkit; Lispkit Lisp; Lisp-Linda; Lisp Machine; LISP Machine LISP; Lisp Object-Oriented Programming System; LISP, Objects, and Symbolic Programming; Lisptalk; LispView; list; list comprehension; List Enhanced; listless; Listproc; lists; Listserv; Liszt; lite; literal; literate programming; literature; LITHE; lithium lick; LitProg; LITTLE; little-endian; Little Smalltalk; live data; Live Free Or Die!; livelock; LiveScript; liveware; lk; LKA; LL; LLC; LLGen; LLM3; LLNL; LLP; LM3; LMAO; LMDS; lmgtfy.com; LML; LM-Prolog; LMTP; LNF; LO; L&O; load; load balancing; load-bearing printf; lobotomy; LOC; local area network; Local Area Terminal; local bus; locale; local echo; local exchange carrier; localisation; localised; locality; local loop; local loopback addresses; Local Mail Transfer Protocol; Local Multipoint Distribution System; locals; Local Shared Resources; LocalTalk; local variable; location; Loch Ness Monster Bug; locked and loaded; locked up; lock-in; Locus; Loebner Prize; log; logarithmus dualis; LogC; logic; logical; logical address; Logical Block Addressing; logical complement; Logical Interchange Format; Logical Link Control; Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol; logical relation; logical shift; logical shift left; logical shift right; Logical Unit; Logical Unit 6.2; Logical Unit Number; logic bomb; Logic Design Language; logic emulator; Logic for Computable Functions; logic gate; logic programming; Logic Replacement Technology; logic variable; LOGIN; log in; LOGISCOPE; Loglan; Loglan'82; Loglan-88; LOGLISP; LOGO; log off; LOGOL; logon; log out; Lojban; LOL; LOLITA; Lolli; LOM; longitudinal parity; Longitudinal Redundancy Check; LOOK; Look Ahead Left-to-right parse, Rightmost-derivation; Look ahead LR; look and feel; Looking Glass; LOOKS; loop; loop combination; loop fusion; LOOPN; LOOPS; loop through; loose bytes; LOP; lord high fixer; Lore; Lorem ipsum; Lorenz attractor; LORIA; lose; loser; losing; loss; lossage; lossless; lossless audio compression; Lossless Predictive Audio Compression; lossy; lossy audio compression; lost in the noise; lost in the underflow; LOTIS; LOTOS; lots of MIPS but no I/O; Lotus 1-2-3; Lotus Development Corporation; Lotus Notes; Lotus Notes Formula Language; LotusScript; loudspeaker; Lout; love; low-bandwidth; Low Bandwidth X; low earth orbit; Lower Layer Protocol; lower set; Low Insertion Force; LOWL; low-level language; low pass filter; Low Voltage Differential; LPAC; LPC; LPF; LPG; LPI; LPL; lpm; LP MUD; lpr; LPS; lp spooler; LPT; lr; LRC; LRLTRAN; LRU; ls; LSA; LSB; LSE; LSL; LSML; L-Soft; LSP; LSR; LSSD; LSYD; lt; LT-2; LTL; LTPS; LTR; LTR3; lu; LU6.2; lub; Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology; Lucent Technologies; LUCID; Lucid Emacs; Lucinda; Lucy; LUG; luminance; lump uncurrying; LUN; lunatic fringe; Lund Simula; Lund Software House AB; lurk; lurker; lurking; luser; Luser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool; LUSTRE; lv; lvalue; LVD; LWP; ly; LYaPAS; Lycos; lylafklc; lynix; LYNX; Lynx; LynxOS; Lynx Real-Time Systems; LYRIC; LZ77 compression; LZ78 compression; LZ compression; lzexe; lzh; LZH compression; LZW compression;

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