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Missing definition; M; m2; M2toM3; M3; m4; M5; ma; MAC; Mac; Mac-1; MAC-360; MACA; MAC address; MACAnalyst; Macaulay; MacBinary; MACDesigner; macdink; MACE; Mach; Machiavelli; machinable; machine; machine code; machine cycle; MAchine INdependent SAIL; machine instruction; machine language; machine learning; Mach Interface Generator; machoflops; Mac II; Mac IIcx; Macintosh; Macintosh Common Lisp; Macintosh file system; Macintosh II; Macintosh IIcx; Macintosh Operating System; Macintosh user interface; Macintoy; Macintrash; MACL; MacLisp; MacMinix; Mac OS; Mac OS X; Mac Playmate; MacPPP; MACRO; macro; macro-; macrology; Macromedia; macro preprocessor; Macro SAP; macrotape; MACSYMA; MacTCP; MacX; MAD; Mad/1; Madaline; MADCAP; MADTRAN; maggotbox; MAGIC; magic; magic bullet; magic cookie; magic number; Magic Paper; magic smoke; Magic Switch Story; Magma; Magma2; MagmaLISP; magnetic disk; Magnetic Ink Character Recognition; magnetic stripe; magnetic tape; magnetic tape drive; magneto-optical disk; magneto-optical drive; magnetostrictive delay line; MAGNUM; Magritte; mail; Mail Application Programming Interface; mail bomb; mailbox; mail bridge; mail exchanger; Mail Exchange Record; mail exploder; mail filter; mail gateway; mail hub; mailing list; mail merge; mail path; mail server; Mail Transfer Agent; Mail Transport Agent; mail user agent; Mail Users' Shell; main; MAINBOL; Main Distribution Frame; mainframe; mainframe programmer/analyst; main loop; main memory; MAINSAIL; main store; maintainer; maintainer script; maintenance; Maisie; major delivery; Majordomo; major release; Make; Makedoc; makefile; Maker Interchange Format; MAL; Malamud; MALI; mall; malloc; malware; malware as a service; MAN; man; managed code; management; Management Information Base; Management Information System; Manager of Business Applications; Manchester Autocode; Manchester encoding; Mandala; Mandelbrot, Benoit; Mandelbrot set; mandelbug; Mandy Rice-Davis Applies; manged; mangle; mangler; mango; MANIAC; man page; MANTIS; mantissa; manual testing; Manufacturer Resource Planning; Manufacturers Automation Protocol; Manufacturing Automation Protocol; manularity; Many Integrated Core Architecture; MAO; MAP; map; MAPI; Maple; mapping; marbles; Marc Andreessen; Margaret Hamilton; marginal; Marginal Hacks; Maril; marketroid; Mark I; Markov; Markov chain; Markov model; Markov process; Markowitz; mark-sweep garbage collection; markup; Marlais; Mars; Marseille Prolog; marshaling; marshalling; MARSYAS; Martian; Martin Marietta Laboratories Moorestown; MARVIN; Mary; MAS; MASCOT; Mask Read-Only Memory; MASM; MasPar Unity; masquerading; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; massage; Massey Hope; Massively Multiplayer Online Game; Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game; master; master boot record; Matchmaker; Material Requirements Planning; Mathcad; Mathematica; Mathematical Analysis without Programming; Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator and Computer; Mathematics in Recognizable Form Automatically Compiled; MATHLAB; MATH-MATIC or MATHMATIC; math-out; MathWorks; MATLAB; Matrix; Matrix Compiler; MATRIX MATH; Matrix Math eXtensions; MAU; Mauchly, John W.; mawk; maximal free expression; maximin; MAXIMOP; maximum Maytag mode; maximum seek time; maximum segment size; Maximum Transmission Unit; Maxis Software; MB; MBASIC; Mbogo, Dr. Fred; MBONE; MBps; mbps; MBS; MC; mc; MC68000; MC68010; MC68020; MC68030; MC68040; MC6809; MCA; MCAD; MCC; McCulloch-Pitts neuron; MCDBA; MCDST; McG360; MCGA; MCI; MCI Mail; MCL; M-Code; MCP; MCP-1600; MCPD; MCS; MCSA; MCSD; MCSE; mcvax; mcvert; MD; md; MD5; MDA; MDAC; MDCT; MDF; MDI; MDL; Mean Time Between Failures; Mean Time Between Faults; Mean Time To Recovery; measure; measurement; meatspace; meatware; media; Media Access Control; Media Access Unit; Media Converter; Media Gateway Control Protocol; Medium Access Control; meeces; Meet; meg; mega-; megabits per second; megabyte; megabytes per second; megaflop; megaflops; MegaHertz; megapenny; MEGO; Mei; Mel; MELD; MELDC; Melinda; Mel Kaye; Mellor; meltdown; Melvin Conway; member function; membership function; meme; meme plague; memetic algorithm; memetics; Memex; memo function; memoisation; memoised function; memoization; memoized function; memory; memory address space; memory dump; memory farts; memory leak; memory location; memory management; Memory Management Unit; memory mapped I/O; memory protection; memory smash; Memory Type Range Registers; MEMS; Mentat; MENTOR; menu; menu bar; menuitis; MENYMA/S; Mercury Autocode; mercury delay line; MERISE; Merlin; MEROON; Mesa; mesh; MESI protocol; message; message board; Message Digest 5; message digest function; Message Handling System; message passing; Message Passing Interface; message switching; Message Transfer Agent; Message Transport Agent; Messaging Application Programming Interface; Messaging Applications Programming Interface; mess-dos; META; meta; META 5; meta bit; MetaCard; Meta-CASE tool; metaclass; Meta Class System; Meta-Crystal; metadata; Metadata Information Partners; META element; metafile; METAFONT; metaheuristic; Meta-II; metainformation; Meta-IV; METAL; metalanguage; Metal Oxide Semiconductor; Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor; metaphone; metaprogram; metasyntactic variable; metasyntax; META tag; Meta-Vlisp; Met-English; METEOR; meter; method; method invocation; methodology; Methods; me too; metre; metric; metric space; Metropolitan Area Network; M-expression LISP; MFC; MFE; MFLOPS; MFM; MFTL; mg; MGCP; mh; MHDL; MHEG; MHS; MHz; MIB; MIB Variable; MIC; Mic-1; Mic-2; MICE; mice; Michigan Algorithm Decoder; mickey; mickey mouse program; MICR; micro; micro-; microarray; Micro Assembly Language; microcentury; Micro Channel Architecture; microchip art; microcode; Microcom Networking Protocol; microcomputer; microcontroller; MicroDroid; microelectromechanical system; Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation; MicroEmacs; microfloppies; microfortnight; MicroGnuEmacs; Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems; Micro Interpreter for Knowledge Engineering; microkernel; microLenat; microlog; micrometre; Micro ML; Micron; micron; Micron Electronics, Inc.; Micronetics Standard MUMPS; Micro$oft; microperation; microphone; microPLANNER; microprocesor; microprocessor; Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages; microprogramming; microReid; MICRO SAINT; microsecond; Microserf; Microslop; Microsloth Windows; Microsoft; Microsoft Access; Microsoft Basic; Microsoft Certified Application Developer; Microsoft Certified Database Administrator; Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician; Microsoft Certified Professional Developer; Microsoft Certified Solution Developer; Microsoft Certified System Engineer; Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator; Microsoft Certified Systems Developer; Microsoft Corporation; Microsoft Data Access Components; Microsoft Disc Operating System; Microsoft Disk Operating System; Microsoft DOS; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Exchange; Microsoft Extended; Microsoft Foundation Classes; Microsoft IIS; Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer; Microsoft Internet Information Server; Microsoft Mail; Microsoft Mail Application Program Interface; Microsoft Network; Microsoft Networking; Microsoft Office; Microsoft Office Small Business Edition; Microsoft Point to Point Encryption; Microsoft Project; Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Windows; Microsoft Word; MicroStation; microtape; Microware Corporation; Microwave Hardware Description Language; MIDAS; Midas; Midas-WWW; middle-endian; middleware; MIDI; mid-level network; MIF; MIG; MIGRAINES; MII; MIIS; MIKE; mil; Milarepa; MILITRAN; mill; millennium bug; millennium meltdown; milli-; millihelen; milliLampson; millisecond; MILNET; MIMD; MIME; mimencode; Mimer SQL; MIME type; MIMIC; MIMOLA; mind mouse; mind uploading; Minerva software; Minesweeper, Chess, Solitaire Expert; minicomputer; Mini Disc; minifloppy; minimal automaton; minimax; Mini-ML; minimum seek time; Mini PL/I; MINITAB II; MINIX; Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool; MINT; MiNT; Mint Is Not TRAC; Minuet; MINUIT; minus; minus infinity; MIPS; MIPS project; MIPS R2000; MIPS R2010; MIPS R3000; MIPS R4000; MIPS Technologies, Inc.; Miracula; Miranda; MIRFAC; mirror; mirroring; mirror site; MIS; misbug; MIS Director; misfeature; MISHAP; Missed'em-five; missile address; missing; miswart; MIT; MIT AI Lab; MITI; MITILAC; MIT Licence; MIT License; MIT Lisp Machine; MITRE Corporation; MIT Research Laboratory for Electronics; MITS; MIT Scheme; MIX; MIXAL; MIX Communications; M-JPEG; MJS; mk; ML; ml; ML-2000; MLAB; ML/I; MLISP; ML Kit; MLL; ML-lex; ML-Linda; ML Threads; ML-Twig; mm; Mma; mmap; MMCD; MMDF; MMI; MML; MMO; MMOG; MMORPG; MMS; MMU; MMX; MMX technology; mn; mnemonic; MNP; mo; Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Directory Number; Mobile Triton; mobo; MOBSSL-UAF; moby; mockingbird; Mockingboard; Mock Lisp; mod; modal; modal logic; modam; MODCAL; Mode; mode; mode bit; MODEF; MODEL; model; model checking; modeling; modeling language; modelling; modelling language; Modelsim; Model-View-Controller; Model-View-Presenter; modem; MODEM7; moderator; Modified Frequency Modulation; modifier; M O drive; MODSIM; MODSIM II; Modula; Modula-2; Modula-2*; Modula-2+; Modula-3; Modula-3*; Modula-3pi; Modula-P; Modula-Prolog; Modula/R; modular arithmetic; Modular C; MODUlar LAnguage; Modular Prolog; Modular SB-Prolog; module; Modulex; modulo; modulo arithmetic; modulo operator; Mohammed Al-Khawarizmi; molly-guard; monad; monadic; Mongolian Hordes technique; moniter; monitor; monkey, scratch; monkey sort; monkey up; Mono; monochrome; Monochrome Display Adapter; monoid; monotonic; MONSTR; Montage; Monte Carlo; monty; MOO; Moof; Moore bound; Moore graph; Moore's Law; moose call; MooZ; Mops; MORAL; more; moria; morphing; Morse code; MORTRAN; MOS; Mosaic; Mosaic Communications Corporation; Moscow ML; MOSFET; Mosiac; MOS Technologies; MOS Technology; most general unifier; Most Significant Bit; motd; mother; motherboard; Motif; Motion JPEG; Motion Picture Experts Group; Motorola; Motorola 14500B; Motorola 6800; Motorola 68000; Motorola 6801; Motorola 68010; Motorola 68020; Motorola 68030; Motorola 68040; Motorola 68050; Motorola 68060; Motorola 6809; Motorola 680x0; Motorola 68HC11; Motorola 68LC040; Motorola 88000; Motorola, Inc.; mount; Mouse; mouse; mouse ahead; mouse around; mouse arrest; mouse belt; mouse droppings; mouse elbow; mouse mat; mouse pad; mouse trails; mouso; Moving JPEG; Moving Picture Expert Group; Moving Picture Experts Group; Moving Pictures Experts Group; Moxie; Mozilla; Mozilla Foundation; Mozilla Public License; mp; MP1; MP-1; MP2; MP3; MP3Pro; MPC; MPC Level 1 Specification; MPC Level 2 Specification; MPEG; MPEG-1; MPEG-1 audio layer 1; MPEG-1 audio layer 3; MPEG-1 layer 3; MPEG-2; MPEG-21; MPEG-2.5 audio layer 3; MPEG-2 AAC Low Profile; MPEG-2 audio layer 3; MPEG-2 Low Sampling Frequencies Extention; MPEG-2 LSF; MPEG-2 MC; MPEG-2 Multi Channel Extention; MPEG-3; MPEG-4; MPEG-4 AAC Main Profile; MPEG-4 AAC SSR; MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding Scalable Sampling Rate; MPEG-4 Harmonics, individual lines and noise; MPEG-4 Harmonic Vector eXCitation; MPEG-4 HILN; MPEG-4 HVXC; MPEG-7; MPEGplus; MPG; mpg; MPI; MPL; MPL II; MPLS; MPLS domain; MP/M; MPP; MPPE; MPPL; MPR II; M-Prolog; MPS III; MPSX; MPV; MPX; mq; MQG; mr; MRAM; MRDA; MRDS; MRI; MROC; MROM; MRP; MRP II; MRS; ms; MS Access; MSAU; MSB; MS-BASIC; MS-DOG; MS-DOS; MSG.84; msgGUI; MSIE; MSM; MS Mail; MSN; MS Office; MS Project; MSS; MS-Windows; MswLogo; MS Word; MSX; MSX-DOS; mt; MTA; MTBF; mtc; M Technology Association; MTOS; MTS; MTTR; MTU; Mu; mu; MUA; MUCAL; MUD; muddie; Muddle; mudhead; MUD Object Oriented; muFP; Muhammad al-Khwarizmi; Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi; mu-law; Mule; Mul-T; Multi-BinProlog; multiboot; multiC; MultiCal System; multicast addressing; multicast backbone; Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility; multician; Multi-Color Graphics Array; Multics; Multics Relational Data Store; Multiflow Computer; Multi-Garnet; multihomed host; multilayer perceptron; MultiLisp; multimedia; Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group; MultiMedia Compact Disc; MultiMedia Extension; Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for European Researchers; Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions; Multimedia Messaging Services; Multimedia PC; Multimedia Personal Computer; multimedia system; multi-part key; Multi-Pascal; multiple access; Multiple Access with Colision Avoidance; multiple boot; Multiple Document Interface; multiple inheritance; Multiple Instruction Multiple Data; Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data; Multiple Master; multiple perspective software development; multiple value; Multiple Virtual Storage; multiplexer; multiplexing; multiplexor; Multiplexor Channel; multiplex printer; Multipop-68; multiprocessing; multiprocessor; multiprogramming; Multiprotocol Label Switching; Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; multiscan; MultiScheme; Multistation Access Unit; multisync; Multisystem eXtention Interface Bus; multitasking; Multi-tasking Program for Microcomputers; multithreaded; multithreading; MultiTOS; multi-user; Multi-User Dimension; Multi-User Dungeon; Multi-User Shared Hallucination; Multi-Version Concurrency Control; multi-way branch; MuMath; mumblage; mumble; mumble mode; MUMPS; munch; munching; munching squares; munchkin; mundane; mung; munge; MUP; MU-Prolog; Murphy's Law; Muse; museum; MUSH; Music; Musical Instrument Digital Interface; Musicam; MuSimp; MUSL; mutant; Mutation Testing; MuTeX; mutex; mutter; mutual exclusion; mutually recursive; mutual recursion; mux; mv; MV*; MVC; MVCC; MVP; MVS; MVS/ESA; MVS/OE; MVS/Open Edition; MVS/SP; MVS/XA; mw; MX; mx; MXI; MXIbus; MX Record; my; My Favourite Toy Language; MYOB; MySpace; MySQL; MySQL AB; MYSTIC; MZ; mz;

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