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Entries starting with: 'N'

N; N10; na; nadger; NAG; Nagling Coalescence; nagware; nailed to the wall; nailing jelly; naive; naive user; NAK; name capture; named; named pipe; name resolution; name service switching; namespace; naming convention; NaN; NAND; nano-; nanoacre; nanobot; nanocomputer; nanofortnight; nanometre; nanosecond; nanotechnology; Napier; NAPLPS; NAPSS; narrowband; narrowing; NAS; nasal demons; NASI; nastistical; NASTRAN; nastygram; NAT; Nathan Hale; National Advanced Systems; National Bureau of Standards; National Center for Supercomputing Applications; national characters; National Database Language; National Information Infrastructure; National Information Services and Systems; National Institute of Standards and Technology; National Research and Education Network; National Science Foundation; National Science Foundation Network; National Semiconductor; National Semiconductor 32000; National Software Reuse Directory; National Spatial Data Infrastructure; National Television Standards Committee; native compiler; Native Language System; NATURAL; natural deduction; Natural English; natural language; Natural Language Information Analysis Method; natural language processing; natural number; nature; NAU; nav bar; navigating; navigation; navigation bar; Navigator; Nawk; NB; NBFCP; NBS; NBT; NC; nc; NCD; NCP; NCR Corporation; NCRL; NCR Language; NCS; NCSA; ND; NDIS; NDL; NDS; ne; neat hack; neats vs. scruffies; Nebula; NEC; NEC 780-C; needs assessment; neep-neep; negation by failure; negative acknowledgement; neighborhood bike code; NELIAC; Neon; neophilia; Neptune; nerd; Nerd pride; NERECO; NESL; nested class; net; net.-; netaddress; NetBEUI; NetBIOS; NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol; NetBios over TCP/IP; NetBOLLIX; NetBSD; netbui; netburp; netCDF; Netcom On-line Communication Services, Inc.; netdead; Netfind; net.god; NetHack; netiquette; NETL; netlag; NetLingo; netload; Netmarq Limited; netmask; NetNanny; netnews; net.personality; netpipes; net.police; netquette; Netrek; netrock; Netscape; Netscape Communications Corporation; Netscape Navigator; Netscape Public License; netsplit; netstat; netter; NetWare; NetWare Core Protocol; Netware Directory Services; Netware Input/Output Subsystem; NetWare Link State Protocol; network; network address; Network Addressable Unit; Network Address Translation; Network Address Translator; Network Administrator; Network Application Support; Network Attached Storage; network byte order; network card; network closet; Network Computing Devices; network database; Network Definition Language; Network Device Interface Specification; network engineer; Network extensible Window System; Network File System; Network Filing System; Network Information Center; Network Information Service; Network Information System; networking; network interface card; network interface controller; network layer; network layer reachability information; network management; network meltdown; Network News Transfer Protocol; network node; Network Node Interface; network number; Network Operating System; network operating system; Network Operations Center; network operator; network redirector; network segment; Network Solutions, Inc.; network storm; Network Termination; network, the; Network Time Protocol; network topology; network transparency; NetX; Net:X; neural nets; neural network; neuron; Neutral Interconnect; neutrosophic; neutrosophic logic; neutrosophic probability; neutrosophic set; neutrosophic statistics; Neutrosophy; Never Offline; newbie; New Flavors; newgroup wars; New Jersey; newline; NEWP; NEW Programming language; NeWS; news; NewsClip; newsfroup; newsgroup; newsletter; Newspeak; Newsqueak; news reader; New Storage System; new talk; New Testament; Newton; Newton-Raphson iteration; Newton's method; NewWave; NewYacc; New York State Educational Reasearch ETwork; New York University; NEXOR; Nexpert Object; NeXT, Inc.; Next Program Counter; NEXTSTEP; nf; NFA; NFQL; NFS; NFT; ng; NGL; NHOH; ni; NIAL; NIAL Systems Ltd.; NIAM; nibble; Nibble Mode DRAM; NIC; NIC.DDN.MIL; NICE; nick; nickle; NICOL I; NIFOC; Nightmare File System; night mode; NIH; NIHCL; NII; NIKL; Niklaus Wirth; NIL; niladic; Ninety-Ninety Rule; Nintendo; NIOS; nipple; NIS; NISO; NISS; NIST; NJCL; nl; NLANR; NLM; NLP; NLRI; NLS; NLSP; NLX; NMI; nML; NMU; NN; nn; NNI; NNTP; no; NOC; NODAL; Nodal Switching System; noddy; node; noise; noise margin; noise shaping; NOL; NOMAD; NOMEX underwear; Nominal Semidestructor; non-algorithmic procedure; non-constructive proof; nondeterminism; nondeterministic; nondeterministic automaton; nondeterministic polynomial time; Nondeterministic Turing Machine; non-impact printer; non-interlaced; nonintrusive testing; nonlinear; Non-Maintainer Upload; Non-Maskable Interrupt; non-optimal solution; Nonpareil; non parity; non-polynomial; Non Return to Zero Inverted; nontrivial; Non-Uniform Memory Access; non-uniform quantising logarithmic compression; Non-Uniform Rational B Spline; non-volatile; non-volatile memory; Non-Volatile Random Access Memory; non-volatile storage; noob; no-op; NOR; NORC COMPILER; NorCroft; NORD PL; NORDUnet; norm; normal distribution; normal form; normalisation; normalised; normal order reduction; normed space; northbridge; NorthWestNet; NOS; NOT; Not-a-Number; notebook; NoteCards; Notepad; Notes; Nother; not ready for prime time; notspot; notwork; Nova; Novell Data Systems; Novell DOS; Novell, Inc.; Novell NetWare; NOWEB; no-write allocation; NP; np; NPC; NP-complete; NP-hard; NP-hilarious; NPL; NPPL; N-Prolog; NP time; NP tricky; NQS; Nqthm; nr; NREN; nroff; NRZ; NRZI; ns; NS16000; NS32000; NSA line eater; NSAPI; NSDI; NSE; NSF; NSFIP; NSFNET; NSI; nslookup; NSRD; NSS; NT; NT1; NT5; ntalk; NTAS; NT File System; NTFS; n-tier; NTIS; NTMBS; NTP; NTSC; NTU; nu; NuBus; nu-calculus; NUCLEOL; nude; nuke; null; nullary; null modem; null-terminated multibyte string; NUMA; Number 5 Electronic Switching System; number crunching; number keys; numbers; number sign; numeric keypad; Numeris; Nuprl; NU-Prolog; nurbs; Nu Thena; NUXI problem; NVL; NVRAM; NVS; NWNET; NYAP; nybble; nyet.gif; nyetwork; nym; nym server; Nyquist frequency; Nyquist Theorem; NYSERNET; NYU OMNIFAX; nz;

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