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Entries starting with: 'O'

O; O2; Oaklisp; OAP; OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications; OATH; Ob-; OBDC; OBE; Oberon; Oberon-2; Oberon-V; OBEX; obfuscated; Obfuscated C Contest; obi-wan error; OBJ; OBJ0; OBJ2; OBJ3; object; ObjectBroker; ObjectCenter; Object CHILL; object code; Object-code Buffer Overrun Evaluator; Object Compatibility Standard; Object Constraint Language; Object Database Management Group; Object Data Management Group; Objecteering; Object Exchange; objectfuscated code; object identifier; Objectionable-C; Objective C; Objective CAML; Objective Modula-2; Objective PASCAL; Object Linking and Embedding; Object Lisp; ObjectLOGO; Object Management Group; Object management system; object method; Object Modelling Technique; Object Oberon; object-orientation; object-oriented; object-oriented analysis; object-oriented database; object-oriented design; Object-Oriented Fortran; object-oriented language; Object-Oriented Pascal; object-oriented polymorphism; object-oriented programming; object-oriented programming language; Object-oriented SQL; Object-Oriented Turing; Objectory; ObjectPAL; Object Pascal; Object Persistence Framework; object relational mapping; object relational modelling; Object Request Broker; Object Role Modeling; Object Value; Objectworks; Object Z; Objlog; OBJT; ObjVlisp; ObjVProlog; Obliq; oblique stroke; Oblog; OBOE; OBSCURE; observational equivalence; Oc; OC-12; OC-3; OC-48; OCAL; occam; occam 2; Occam's Razor; occlude; occurs check; OCL; OCLC; OC-n; OCODE; OCP; OCR; OCS; octal; Octave; octet; octothorpe; OCX; OD390; ODA; ODBC; ODC; Ode; ODI; ODIF; ODMA; ODMG; odometry; ODP; ODS; ODSA; ODT; OEM; OFA; off-by-one error; Office; office automation; Office By Example; Office Workstations Limited; Official Production System; off-line; off-line world; offset; offshoring; off-side rule; off the trolley; ogg; Ogg Vorbis; OHCI; Ohm; Ohm, Georg Simon; ohnosecond; OIC; OID; OIL; OLAP; OLAP Council; OLC; OLDAS; old fart; old talk; Old Testament; OLE; OLE custom controls; OLE DB; OLE for Process Control; OLGA; Olivetti; O-Logic; OLTP; OLWM; om; OMA; Omega; Omega-algebraic; Omega test; OMF; OMG; OMNICODE; OMNIFAX; OMNITAB; OMR; OMS; OMT; OMTool; ONC; Ondine; one; one-banana problem; one-dimensional array; one-line fix; one-liner wars; ones complement; One-Time Password; One Time Programmable Read-Only Memory; one-way function; one-way hash function; on-line; On-Line Analytical Processing; Online Computer Library Center, Inc.; On-Line Computer system; Online Media; On-line Process Synthesizer; Online Public Access Catalog; On-Line Transaction Processing; Ontic; onto; ontology; OnX; OO; OOA; OOD; OODB; OODBMS; OOF; OOGL; OOo; OOP; OOPL; OOPS; OOPSLA; OOSD; OOZE; op; OPAC; Opal; OPC; op code; open; open box testing; open brace; OpenBSD; open/closed principle; open-collar worker; Open DataBase Connectivity; Open Data-link Interface; Open DeathTrap; Open Desktop; Open Distributed Processing; Open Distributed System Architecture; OpenDoc; OpenDocument; Open Document Architecture; Open Document Interchange Format; Open Document Management API; OpenGL; Open Graphics Library; Open Group; OpenInsight; open interval; Open Look; Open Network Computing; OpenOffice.org; open parenthesis; Open Prolog; Open Scripting Architecture; Open Search; Open Shortest-Path First; Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol; Open Software Foundation; open source; Open Source Definition; Open Source Initiative; Open source license; OpenStep; open switch; Open System Architecture; Open Systems Interconnect; Open Systems Interconnection; Open Telecom Platform; Open Trading Protocol; OpenTransport; Open University; OpenVMS; OpenWindows; operand; operating; operating system; Operating System/360; Operating System/Multiprogramming of Fixed Tasks; operational database; Operational Data Store; operational requirements; operational semantics; operational test and evaluation; operational testing; operation code; operations support technician; operator; Operator Control Language; operator overloading; OPF; Opportunity Management System; OPS; OPS5; OPS83; Optical Carrier 12; Optical Carrier 3; Optical Carrier 48; Optical Carrier n; Optical Character Recognition; optical computing; optical diff; optical disc drive; optical disk drive; optical drive; optical fiber; optical fibre; optical grep; Optical Mark Reader; optical mouse; Optical Signal Processor; optical storage; Optical Storage Technology Association; Optical Time Domain Reflectometer; Optical Time Domain Reflectometry; optimal; Optimal Flexible Architecture; optimise; optimising compiler; optimism; optimize; option; OPTRAN; Opus; OR; Oracle; Oracle 7; Oracle Card; Oracle*CASE; Oracle Co-operative Applications; Oracle Corporation; Oracle Parallel Server; Oracle Rdb; Oracle Toolkit; Orange Book; ORB; Orbit; Orca; Order Code Processor; order-embedding; ordering; ordinal; ordinary differential equation; ordinate; OREGANO; O'Reilly and Associates; org; Organic Mode; Orient84/K; Original Equipment Manufacturer; ORKID; ORM; orphaned i-node; orphan process; ORTHOCARTAN; orthogonal; orthogonal instruction set; Orwell; OS; OS2; OS/2; OS/360; OS/390; OS-9; OSA; OSA extension; OSAX; Osborne 1; Osborne, Adam; Osborne Computer Corporation; OSCAR; OSD; OSE; OSF; OSI; OSI Model; OSI Reference Model; OSI-RM; OSI seven layer model; O'small; OS/MFT; OS/MVT; OSP; OSPF; OSQL; OSSL; OSTA; OS/VS1; OS/VS2; OT; OTDR; OT&E; OTI; OTOH; OTP; OTPROM; OTT; Ottawa Euclid; Ousterhout, John K.; Ousterhout's dichotomy; Ousterhout's fallacy; Ousterhout's false dichotomy; out; outer join; outline font; out-of-band; output; output device; Outside Awareness Port; outside-in testing; outsourcing; overclocking; Overdrive; overflow; overflow bit; overflow flag; overflow pdl; overhead; overloading; overriding; overrun; overrun screw; overuse strain injury; OWHY; OWL; Owl; Ox; Oz; oz; Oz-Email;

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