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S; s///; S3; SA; sa; SA-110; SAA; Saber-C; Saber-C++; SAC; SAC-1; SAC2; sacadm; sacred; SAD; SAD SAM; SADT; SAFARI; safe; safe mode; safety; safety-critical system; saga; sagan; SAGE; SAIC; SAID; SAIL; SAINT; Saint Andrews Static Language; SAL; SALEM; Sales Automation; salescritter; Sales Force Automation; S-ALGOL; SALT; salt; salt mines; salt substrate; SAM; sam; SAM76; Samba; SAME; same-day service; SAMeDL; samizdat; SAML; Sammet, Jean E.; sample; sample rate; sampling; sampling frequency; samurai; SAN; sandbender; sandbox; Sandman; San Francisco; sanity check; Santa Cruz Operation; SAP; SAP AG; SAPI; SAR; SAS; SASD; SASE; SASI; SASL; SASL+LV; SASL-YACC; SAS System; SATA; SATAN; Sather; Sather-K; satisfiability problem; saturation; Saturday-night special; sausage code; SAVE; save; save as; say; sb; SB AWE32; SBCS; SBD; SBE; SBM; SB-Prolog; SBR; SBus; SC; sc; SCA; SCADA; scag; scalability; Scalable Coherent Interface; Scalable Processor ARChitecture; Scalable Sampling Rate; Scalable Vector Graphics; scalar; SCALLOP; SCAN; scan; scan design; SCANDISK; Scan-EDF; scanf; Scan-In, Scan-Out; scan line; scanner; scanno; scan path; scan register; scar tissue code; SCC; SCCS; SCEPTRE; Schachter's Hypothesis; scheduler; scheduling; Scheduling API; Scheduling Application Programming Interface; Schelog; schema; Schema Definition Set; Schema Representation language; schematic capture; schematic type variable; Schematik; Scheme; Scheme84; Scheme88; Scheme->C; Scheme Library; Scheme-Linda; Scheme Object System; Scheme Repository; Scheme-to-C; Schlaer-Mellor; Schoonschip; schrödinbug; SCI; Science and Engineering Research Council; Scientific Data Systems; SCL; SCM; SC/MP; SCO; Scode; SCOOP; SCOOPS; SCOPE; scope; Scorpion; Scott-closed; Scott domain; SCPI; SCPI Consortium; scram switch; SCRAP; scratch; scratch disk; scratch monkey; Scratchpad I; Scratchpad II; scream and die; Screamer; screaming tty; screen; screen blanker; screen dump; Screen Peace; screen popping; screen reader; screen refresh; screen saver; screen scraper; screen server; screen sharing; Screenwrite; screw; screwage; scribble; Scribe; SCRIPT; script; Scriptics; scripting language; scrog; SCROLL; scroll; scrollable list; scroll bar; scrolling; scrool; scrozzle; scruffies; SCSI; SCSI-1; SCSI-2; SCSI-3; SCSI adaptor; SCSI controller; SCSI ID; SCSI initiator; SCSI interface; SCSI reconnect; SCSI target; ScumOS; scuzzy; SD; sd; SDDI; SDE; SDF; SDH; SDI; SDK; SDL; SDL 92; SDLC; SDM; SDMS; SDP; SDRAM; SDRC; SDR-RAM; SDR-SDRAM; SDS; SDS 92; SDS 940; SDSL; SE; se; SEA; Seagate Technology; SEAL; search; search algorithm; search-and-destroy mode; search engine; search problem; search term; Search The Fucking Web; SEC; SECC; SECD machine; secondary cache; secondary damage; secondary key; secondary storage; second generation; second generation computer; second generation language; second level cache; second normal form; Second-Order Lambda-calculus; second-system effect; sector interleave; sector interleaving; sector map; sector mapping; Secure File Transfer Protocol; Secure Hash Algorithm; Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; Secure Shell; Secure Sockets Layer; security; Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool; Security Association; Security Association ID; security through obscurity; security vulnerability; SED; Sed; SEE; seed; seek; seeking; seek time; SEESAW; see u see me; SEGA; Sega Genesis/MegaDrive; segfault; seggie; segment; segmentation; segmentation and reassembly; segmentation fault; segmented address space; segv; SEI; Seiko RC-4000; SEL; Selective Dissemination of Information; selector; Self; Self-Extensible Language; Self Extracting Archive; self-reference; selvage; SEM; semantic gap; semantic network; semantics; semaphore; semi; Semi-Automatic Ground Environment; semicolon; semiconductor; Semidetached Mode; SENDIT; sendmail; sendmail.cf; Sendmail Inc.; Seneca; senior bit; sense; sensor; sentence; SE-ODP; SEP; separate compilation; SEPIA; SEPP; Seque; Sequel; sequence; Sequenced Packet Exchange; sequencer; Sequent; sequential coding; sequential file matching; Sequential Parlog Machine; sequential processing; SERC; SERCOS; serial; Serial Advanced Technology Attachment; Serial ATA; serial communications; Serial Communications Interface; Serial Interface Adaptor; serial IO chip; serialise; serialize; serial line; Serial Line Internet Protocol; Serial Line IP; Serial Peripheral Interface; serial port; Serial Presence Detect; serial processing; serial processor; Serial Storage Architecture; serve; servelet; server; serverlet; Server Message Block; server-parsed HTML; server room; servers; server-side; server-side include; service; serviceability; Service Access Point; Service Advertising Protocol; Service Discovery Protocol; service-oriented architecture; service provider; Service Set Identifier; servlet; session; Session Initiation Protocol; session layer; SES/workbench; SET; set; set abstraction; set associative cache; set complement; set comprehension; Set Equation Transformation System; Setext; SETL; SETL2; SETL/E; Set Priority Level; SETS; set theory; set-top box; SEUS; seven layer model; Seven-Segment Display; SEX; sexadecimal; sex changer; SEXI; Seymour Cray; SFA; SFBI; SFD-ALGOL; SFFA; SFL; SFLV; sFTP; sg; SGCP; SGI; SGML; sgmls; SGML Tagger; SGRAM; sh; SHA; SHACO; SHADOW; shadowing; shadow ram; shallow binding; shambolic link; Shape_VC; ShapeTools; shar; sharchive; sharding; Share and enjoy!; shared memory; Shared Time Repair of Big Electronic Systems; shareware; shar file; sharp; Sharp APL; S-HDSL; shebang; SHEEP; shelf; shelfware; SHELL; shell; shell out; shell script; shell variable; shielded twisted pair; SHIFT; Shift In; shift left logical; Shift Out; shift right logical; shim; shitogram; Shockwave; shockwave; Shockwave Flash; shopbot; short card; Short Code; shortcut; Shorten; shortest job first; Short Message Service; shotgun debugging; shoulder surfing; shovelware; Show-And-Tell; showstopper; shriek; shrug report; sht; SHTF; shtml; Shub-Internet; SHUG; Shugart, Alan F.; Shugart Associates; Shugart Technology; SI; si; SIA; SIBO; SICL; SICS; SICStus Prolog; sidecar; side-effect; Siemens; Siemens Nixdorf Informationssteme, AG; Sierra; SIFT; SIG; Sig; sig; sig block; SIGBUS; SIGhyper; SIGLA; SIGMA; SIGNAL; signal; signalling rate; Signalling System 7; signal-to-noise ratio; signature; sig quote; sig virus; SIL; Silage; silicon; silicon chip; Silicon Graphics, Inc.; Siliwood; silly walk; silo; Silver Book; silver bullet; SIM; SIMAN; SimCity; SimCity 2000; SIMD; Similix; SIML/I; SIMM; Simone; Simonyi, Charles; SIMPAC; SIMPAS; SIMPL; SIMPLE; Simple Actor Language; Simple Authentication and Security Layer; Simple Gateway Control Protocol; Simple Mail Transfer Protocol; simple multicast protocol; Simple Network Management Protocol; Simple Network Management Protocol version 2; Simple Network Paging Protocol; Simple Object Access Protocol; simplex; simplex method; simplex printer; SIMPL/I; Simplified Multicast Routing Protocol; SIMPL-T; SIMSCRIPT; SIMSCRIPT I.5; SIMSCRIPT II.5; simship; SIMULA; SIMULA 67; SIMULA I; simulate; simulated annealing; Simulating Digital Systems; simulation; SIMulation ANalysis; Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling; Simulation Oriented Language; Simultaneous Engineering Environment; Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line; simultaneous shipment; Simware, Inc.; SINA; since time T equals minus infinity; Sinclair, Clive; Sinclair PC200; Sinclair Radionics; Sinclair Research; sine wave; single assignment; single assignment language; single-attached; Single Connection Attach; Single Connector Attachment; Single Data Rate Random Access Memory; Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory; Single Document Interface; single-duplex; Single Edge Contact; Single Edge Contact Cartridge; Single Edge Processor Package; single-electron transistor; Single Electron Tunneling; Single Electron Tunneling Technology; single ended; Single Image Random Dot Stereogram; single inheritance; Single In-line Memory Module; Single Inline Pin Package; Single Instruction Multiple Data; Single Instruction/Multiple Data; Single-line Digital Subscriber Line; single-page web application; Single-pair High Speed Digital Subscriber Line; single program/multiple data; single quote; single sign-on; single sourcing; single static assignment; singleton variable; Single Virtual Storage; siod; SIP; SIPB; SIPLAN; SIPP; SI prefix; Siprol; SIR; SIRDS; Siri; SIRTS; SISAL; sit; SITBOL; site map; sitename; SIxteen Bit Organisers; sj; sk; Skel-ML; Sketchpad; S/Key; Skill; Skim; SkipJack; SKOL; skolemisation; S-K reduction machine; skrog; SKsh; SKU; skulker; SL; sl; SL5; slack; slackware; SLAM; SLANG; S-Lang; slap on the side; slash; slashdot effect; slave tty; SLD resolution; sleep; SLIB; Slide; sliding-window; SLIM; slim; Slingshot; SLIP; SlipKnot; SLIPS; SLiRP; SLLIC; slog; Sloop; slop; slopsucker; slosh; Slot 1; Slot 2; Slot A; slurp; sm; smail; SMALGOL; SMALL; Small Business Edition; Small-C; Small Computer System Interface; small-office/home-office; Small Outline DIMM; Smalltalk; Smalltalk-80; Smalltalk/V; SmallVDM; SMALLWORLD; SmallWorld; Smarandache logic; SMART; smart; Smart Battery Data; smart card; Smartdrive; SMARTdrv; smart terminal; smash case; smash sum; smash the stack; SMB; smbclient; smblib; SMBus; SMCC; SMDS; SMG; SMI; SMIL; smiley; smilies; S-MIME; SML; SML#; sml2c; SML/NJ; SMM; SMNP; smoke; smoke and mirrors; smoke-emitting diode; smoke test; smoking clover; SMoLCS; SMOP; SMP; SMPS; SMPT; SMRP; SMS; SMT; SMTP; smug report; smurf; sn; SNA; snacc; snaf; SNAFU principle; snag; snail mail; SNAP; snap; snap dump; Snappy; Snappy Video Snapshot; snarf; snarf & barf; snarf down; snark; sneakernet; sneck; snert; SNI; Sniff; sniff; sniffer; snivitz; SNMP; SNMP agent; SNMPv2; SNOBOL; SNOBOL2; SNOBOL3; SNOBOL4; SNOOPS; SNPP; SNR; S/N ratio; SNR bandwidth product; SO; so; SO 2; SOA; SOAP; SOAR; social engineering; social network; social networking; social science number; socket; Socket 1; Socket 2; Socket 3; Socket 370; Socket 4; Socket 5; Socket 6; Socket 7; Socket 8; SOCKS; SOCRATIC; SODA; SODAS; SO-DIMM; Sod's Law; SOE; SoftBench; soft boot; softcopy; Softlab; soft link; SoftModem; SoftVelocity Inc.; software; Software AG; software audit; Software BackPlane; software bloat; Software bus; software copyright; Software Description Database; Software Developers Kit; software development life cycle; software enabling; software engineering; Software Engineering Environment; software handshaking; software interrupt; Software in the Public Interest, Inc.; software laser; software law; software life-cycle; Software Method; Software Methodology; software metric; software patent; software piracy; software pirate; Software Practice and Experience; Software Productivity Centre; Software Publishing Certificate; Software Publishing Corporation; software reliability; software rot; software theft; Software through Pictures; software tool; Software Verification Research Centre; Software Writer's Language; softwarily; softy; SOH; SOHIO; SoHo; SOIF; SOJ; SOL; Solaris; SOLID; solid state; Solid State Disk; solid-state storage device; SOLO; solution; Solution Based Modelling; Solve; SOM; Somar DumpAcl; Somar Software; some random X; Sonata; SONET; Sony Playstation; SORCERER; sorcerer's apprentice mode; sort; sorting; SOS; sound; Sound Blaster; sound card; soundex; soundness; source; source code; source code control; source code escrow; source code management; source language; source-level debugger; source of all good bits; source package; source route; source routing; southbridge; SP; SP2; SP/2; space; space bar; space-cadet keyboard; space complexity; space key; space leak; SPACEWAR; SPADE; spaghetti code; spaghetti inheritance; spaghetti with meatballs code; spam; spamdex; spamming; spanning tree algorithm; SPAR; SPARC; SPARC International, Inc.; SPARCStation; SPARCstation 10; SPARCstation 20; SPARCsystem 4; SPARC Xterminal 1; SPARK; SPARK Annotation Language; SPARKS; sparse; Spatial Technologies; spawn; SPC; SPD; SPDL; SPE; Speakeasy; speaker; SPEC; Spec; spec; SPECbase_fp92; SPECbase_int92; SPECbaserate; SPEC CFP92; SPEC CINT92; SPECfp92; SPECIAL; special-case; Special Interest Group; specialisation; specification; specific markup; SPECint92; SPECmark; SPECmark89; SPECOL; SPEC rate; SPECrate_base_fp92; SPECrate_fp92; SPECrate_int92; SPEC ratio; Spectral Band Replication; Spectrum; speculative evaluation; speculative execution; Speech Application Programming Interface; speech recognition; Speech Recognition Application Program Interface; speech synthesis; SPEED; Speedcoding; Speedcoding 3; SPEEDEX; speedometer; spell; spelling flame; Sperry Corporation; Sperry Univac; SPG; SPGA; SPI; Spice Lisp; SPID; spider; Spiderweb; spiffy; spike; spill; spim; spin; spin control; spinner; spiral model; SPIT; SPITBOL; spiware; SP/k; SPL; SPL/1; SPLash!; splash screen; splat; SPL/I; SPLINTER; split; Split-C; splot; SPLX; SPM; SPMD; SPML; spod; spoiler; sponge; spoo; spoof; spoofing; spooge; SPOOL; Spool; spool; spooler; spool file; SpoolView; spray; spreadsheet; spread spectrum communications; SPRING; SPRINT; Sprintnet; Sprite; sprite; sprocket feed; SPS; SPSS; SPSS, Inc.; SPUR; SPX; spx; spyware; SQE; SQL; SQL2; SQL3; SQL Access Group; SQL/DS; SQL Module Language; SQL Server; SQL server; SQLWindows; SQR; SQRIBE; Square; square-headed boyfriend; square-headed girlfriend; square tape; Squeak; Squiggol; squirt the bird; SR; sr; SRAM; SRAPI; SRC Modula-3; SRDL; SR flip-flop; SRI; SRI International; SRL; SRP; SS7; SSA; SSADM; SSBA; SSD; SSE; SSE-2; ssh; SSH File Transfer Protocol; SSI; SSID; SSII; SSL; S/SL; SSLeay; SSMA; SSO; SSR; st; ST-506; STAB; STAB-11; STAC; stac compression; stack; Stack Environment Control Dump machine; stack frame; stacking order; stack loader; stack overflow; stack pointer; stack puke; stack traceback; STAGE2; Staggered Pin Grid Array; staircase; staircasing; stale pointer bug; Stallman, Richard M.; stand-alone; standard; Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments; Standard d'Echange et de Transfert; standard deviation; standard for robot exclusion; Standard for the exchange of product model data; Standard Generalised Markup Language; Standard Generalized Markup Language; standard input/output; Standard Instrument Control Library; standard interpretation; standard I/O; Standard Lisp; Standard ML; Standard ML of New Jersey; Standard Operating Environment; standard semantics; Standard Widget Toolkit; St Andrews Static Language; Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language; Stanford Research Institute; Stanford University; STAPLE; Staple; STAR 0; StarBurst; StarLISP; StarMOD; star network; Starset; STARSYS; start bit; start of authority; Start Of Header; Start Of Text; start tag; state; state diagram; stateless; state machine; statement; state transition diagram; State University of New York; static; statically typed; static analysis; static database management system; static DBMS; static link; static method; static nested scope; static nested scoping; static RAM; static random-access memory; static scope; static typing; static variable; Station Management; Statistical Analysis System; Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; statistical time division multiplexing; statistics; StatMUX; STB; STD; STD 1; STD 13; STD 15; STD 2; STD 9; stderr; stdin; stdio; stdio.h; STDM; stdout; STDWIN; steam-powered; Steelman; steganography; stemmer; stemming; STENSOR; STEP; Stephen Cole Kleene; Stephen Jobs; Stephen Kleene; stepper motor; Stepstone Corp; stepwise refinement; stereogram; Sterling Software, Inc.; Steve Jobs; Steve's Shell; Steve Wozniak; STFT; STFU; STFW; Sticks&Stones; sticky analysis; sticky bit; sticky content; stiffy; STIL; STING; STk; STMP; stochastic; stock-keeping unit; STOIC; stomp on; STONE; Stone Age; stone knives and bearskins; Stoneman; stop bit; stoppage; storage; Storage Allocation and Coding Program; Storage Area Network; Storage Management Services; storage media; store; store and forward; stored procedure; storm; Story of Mel; STP; StP; STP4; Strachey, Christopher; Strand; Strand88; Stratus; Strawman; STREAM; stream; streaming; Streaming SIMD Extensions; stream-oriented; STREAMS; strength reduction; STRESS; stress testing; strict; strict evaluation; strided; string; String EXpression Interpreter; stringly typed; STring Oriented Interactive Compiler; String Oriented Symbolic Language; String PRocessING language; string reduction; stripe; stripe set; striping; STROBES; stroke; StrongARM; strongly connected component; strongly typed; strong typing; Stroustrup, Bjarne; struct; structural recursion; structured analysis; Structured Analysis and Design Technique; structured design; structure diagram; structured language; structured programming; Structured Query Language; Structure of Management Information; strudel; STRUDL; STSC APL; stub; stub network; stubroutine; STUDENT; Student PL/I; studly; studlycaps; Stuffit; Stupids; stupid-sort; Sturgeon's Law; STX; style; su; SUB; subband encoding; subclass; subject; subject index; subject-oriented programming; sublanguage; subnet; subnet address; subnet mask; subnet number; subroutine; subscribe; Subscriber Identity Module; subscribing; Subset-Equational Language; Substitute; substrate; subtype; subtyping; SuccessoR; successor; sucking mud; Sue; sufficiently small; SUGAR; suicideware; SUIF; suit; suitably small; Suite Synthetique des Benchmarks de l'AFUU; sum; Summary Object Interchange Format; SUMMER; SUMMER SESSION; sum of products; sum of products type; Sun; Sun-2 Workstation; Sun-3 Workstation; Sun-4 Workstation; sun lounge; Sun Microsystems, Inc.; SunOS; sunspots; sun-stools; SunView; SUNY; SUPER; Super 7; Superbrain; SuperBrain II; superclass; supercombinators; supercompilation; supercomputer; SuperDrive; superhighway; SuperJanet; SUPERMAC; super minicomputer; SuperPaint; Super Pascal; superpipelined; superprogrammer; superscalar; super source quench; SuperTalk; superuser; Super VGA; Super Video Graphics Adapter; Super Video Graphics Adaptor; Super Video Graphics Array; supervisor mode; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; SuperZap; Supplementary Ideographic Plane; support; supremum; Sure; surfing; SURGE; surjection; surjective; surrogate key; suspension; Suzie COBOL; sv; SVC; SVG; SVGA; SVGA monitor; SVID; S-Video; SVR4; SVRC; SVS; swab; SWAG; swap; swap file; swapped in; swapped out; swapping; swap space; Sweden; SweetLambda; swf; Swing; SWI-Prolog; Swiss Army Code; switch; Switched Multimegabit Data Service; switched virtual circuit; switched virtual connection; switching; switching hub; switch statement; swizzle; SWL; SWT; swung dash; sy; Sybase, Inc.; Sybase SQL Server; SYDEL; SYGMA; SYLK; syllogism; Sylvan; Symantec; SYMBAL; SymbMath; SYMBOLANG; Symbolic Assembler Program; SYMBOLIC ASSEMBLY; Symbolic Automatic INTegrator; symbolic inference; Symbolic Link; symbolic link; symbolic logic; Symbolic Mathematical Laboratory; symbolic mathematics; Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program; Symbolic Optimum DEUCE Assembly Program; Symbolics, Inc.; Symbol Manipulation Program; symlink; symmetric; symmetric key cryptography; Symmetric LISP; symmetric multiprocessing; symmetric multiprocessor; Symphony; SYMPL; SYN; sync; Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language; synchronous; Synchronous Data Link Control; Synchronous Digital Hierarchy; Synchronous DRAM; Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory; Synchronous Graphics RAM; Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory; Synchronous idle; synchronous key encryption; Synchronous Optical NETwork; syncronous; synflood; synonym ring; syntactic salt; syntactic sugar; syntax; Syntax-Case; syntax directed translation; Syntax/Semantic Language; syntax tree; synthesis; Synthesizer Specification Language; sypware; SyQuest Technology, Inc.; sysadmin; sysape; Sysdeco Mimer AB; sys-frog; SYSKEY; SYSLISP; sysop; Sysplex; sysprog; system; System/360; System/370; System 5; System 7.5; System Account Manager; system administration; system administrator; system analysis; system analyst; system board; system call; system catalog; System Control Language; Systeme International; System F; System International; system management; System Management Bus; System Management Mode; System Management Server; system manager; system mangler; system operator; System Product Interpreter; system programming language; System R; Systems Administrators Guild; systems analysis; Systems Analysis Definition; systems analyst; Systems Application Architecture; Systems Development Life Cycle; systems jock; Systems Network Architecture; system software; systems operator; systems programmer; systems programming; system testing; system unit; System V; System V Interface Definition; Système International; Système International d'Unités; systolic array; SysVile; sz;

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