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(c); 1.TR.6; \perp; \sqcap; \sqcup; \sqsubseteq; \subseteq; \uparrow; alphanumeric; alt; American Standard Code for Information Interchange; ampersand; angle bracket; ASCII character table; asterisk; back quote; backslash; backspace; bell; brace; bracket; broket; Cancel; carriage return; character; character encoding; character repertoire; character set; character set identifier; CJK; CJKV; coded character set; code position; cokebottle; colon; comma; commercial at; control-C; control character; control code; control-O; control-Q; control-S; copyright symbol; CRLF; DBCS; decimal point; delimiter; Device Control; Device Control 2; Device Control 4; DLE; dollar; dot; double quote; dread high bit disease; E-acute; elvish; End Of Line; End of Medium; End Of Transmission; End Transmission Block; EOU; equals; escape; escape sequence; exclamation mark; Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code; File Separator; form feed; glyph; greater than; Group Separator; Han character; hash character; horizontal tabulation; ISO 8859; ISO 8879; kanji; left arrow; left brace; left bracket; left parenthesis; less than; line feed; mesh; meta bit; Mu; Nathan Hale; national characters; newline; number sign; nz; oblique stroke; PETSCII; pling; plus; pound; pound sign; quad; question mark; Record Separator; right brace; right bracket; right parenthesis; SBCS; sharp; Shift In; Shift Out; single quote; space; Start Of Header; Start Of Text; strudel; Substitute; swung dash; Synchronous idle; tilde; UCS transformation format; underscore; Unit Separator; Universal Character Set; uparrow; US-ASCII; UTF-8; vertical bar; virgule; VT; whitespace; WISCII; writing system;

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