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56 kbps; 56k line; 610; A&B; acoustic coupler; adaptive answering; Adaptive Communication Environment; Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation; addressed call mode; addressee; amateur packet radio; America On-Line, Inc.; Amplitude Modulation; asymmetrical modulation; Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line; Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter; attenuation; audiographic teleconferencing; automatic baud rate detection; Automatic Number Identification; Automatic Repeat Request; bandwidth; Basic Rate Interface; baud; Baudot code; beamer; bearer channel; Bit Error Rate; bit rate; bits per second; Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem Code; broadband; broadcast quality video; broken arrow; bulletin board system; cable modem; Caller ID; Call Unix; capacity; Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation; carrier signal; Cellular Digital Packet Data; central office; Central office exchange service; channel service unit; channel service unit/data service unit; checksum; CHEOPS; circuit switching; Class 5 switch; Clover; Code Division Multiple Access; coder/decoder; Committed Data Rate; common carrier; Common Intermediate Format; communications port; communications software; communication system; Computer Telephone Integration; concentrator; Conferencing over IP; congestion; continuous wave; cost control callback; CU-SeeMe; Customer Information Control System; cutover; data channel; Data Communication Equipment; Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification; Dataphone Digital Service; data redundancy; data service unit; Data Terminal Equipment; Data Terminal Ready; data transfer rate; dedicated line; demodulation; Dialled Number Identification Service; digital carrier; digital certificate; Digital Data Service; Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications; Digital Radio Mondiale; Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data; Digital Subscriber Line; Digital Switched Network; diplex; Direct Inward Dialing; directional coupler; Distinguished Encoding Rules; double-duplex; DPSK; DS0; DS1; DS1C; DS2; DS3; DS level; Dual Tone Multi Frequency; duplex; E1; E2; E3; E4; E5; E-carrier system; Eggdrop; EIA-232; EIA-232C; EIA-422; EIA-423; EIA-449; EIA-485; EIA-530; electronic commerce; electronic data interchange; electronic funds transfer; equivalent isotropically radiated power; facsimile; fall back; fall forward; Fax over IP; Fibre Channel; flow control; Foreign eXchange Office; Foreign eXchange Subscriber; FPLMTS; FRAD; Frame Check Sequence; Frame Relay; Frame Relay Access Device; frequency division multiplexing; Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum; Frequency Modulation; Frequency Shift Keying; full-duplex; General Packet Radio Service; Global Positioning System; Global System for Mobile Communications; go voice; H.323; half-duplex; handover; hardware handshaking; Hayes-compatible; hello packet; High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line; High Speed Circuit Switched Data; High-speed Net Connect; high speed serial interface; Home Phoneline Networking Alliance; in-band signalling; information superhighway; Integrated Services Digital Network; Intelsat; Interactive Voice Response; inter-exchange carrier; intermodulation distortion; Internet backbone; Internet Telephony Service Providers; IP Telephony; isochronous; keep-alive; Kermit; latency; leased line; line conditioning; line noise; Link State Routing Protocol; local echo; local exchange carrier; local loop; longitudinal parity; Longitudinal Redundancy Check; low earth orbit; Manchester encoding; marshalling; Media Gateway Control Protocol; Message Passing Interface; Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Directory Number; modem; Morse code; Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for European Researchers; Multi-User Shared Hallucination; noise; noise shaping; null modem; Number 5 Electronic Switching System; Nyquist Theorem; Open Telecom Platform; optical fibre; packet radio; packet switching; parity; parity bit; parity error; PC-TALK III; peak envelope power; Personal Communication Services; phacker; phase-shift keying; Phonetastic; Physical Transport Network; Pidgin; Plain Old Telephone Service; plesiochronous; Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy; Point-to-Point Protocol; Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet; Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol; Portable AIRTIME; Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration; Pretty Amazing New Stuff; Private Automatic Branch eXchange; Private Branch Exchange; Private Manual Branch eXchange; Procomm; protocol analyser; PSDN; Public Key Infrastructure; Public Switched Telephone Network; quadruplex; quality of service; Quarter CIF; Quick Mail Queueing Protocol; Quick Mail Transfer Protocol; RealAudio; recipient; reliable communication; Remote Access Services; remote echo; Remote Spooling Communication Subsystem; repeater; Return To Zero; RJ-11; root bridge; RS-232D; RSCS; screen popping; serial communications; serial line; Serial Line Internet Protocol; Serial Peripheral Interface; serial port; service provider; set-top box; signalling rate; Simple Gateway Control Protocol; simple multicast protocol; simplex printer; Simplified Multicast Routing Protocol; single-duplex; Single-line Digital Subscriber Line; SIxteen Bit Organisers; SNR bandwidth product; social network; software handshaking; spread spectrum communications; squirt the bird; stac compression; statistical time division multiplexing; streaming; synchronous; Synchronous Data Link Control; Synchronous Digital Hierarchy; T1; T3; tail circuit; T-carrier system; telco; Telecommunications Device for the Deaf; telegraphy; Telephone Application Program Interface; telephony; Telephony Application Programming Interface; Telephony User Interface; Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol; terminal emulator; time division multiplexing; two-binary, one-quaternary; Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter; Universal Communications X; Universal Computer Protocol; Upper Side-Band modulation; USB Adapter Card Support; User Network Interface; uuencode; V.10; V.11; V.25; V.25 bis; V.28; V.29; V.32; V.32bis; V.35; V.42; V.42bis; Vertical Redundancy Check; Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line; Very Small Aperture Terminal; V.FC; video conferencing; video dial tone; Video on Demand; visible bell; vocoder; Voice over IP; V series; wall; wavelength division multiplexing; Wide Area Telecommunications Service; Wireless Local Loop; X.21; XMODEM;

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