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3Com Corporation; 3DO; ACME; Acorn Computer Group; Acorn Computers Ltd.; Acorn Online Media; Ada Core Technologies; Adaptec; Adobe Systems, Inc.; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Advanced RISC Machines Ltd.; AI International; Aimnet; Aladdin Enterprises; Aladdin Systems, Inc.; Amdahl Corporation; American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.; America On-Line, Inc.; America's Multimedia Online; Apollo Computer; Apple Computer, Inc.; ARI Service; Artisoft, Inc.; Ashton-Tate Corporation; Asiliant Technologies; AST; AST Computers, LLC; AST Research, Inc.; Atari; Atherton Technology; Audio Processing Technology; Autodesk, Inc.; Automatrix, Inc.; AverStar; Baan; Bachman Information Systems; Banyan; Base Technology; BBN Technologies; Be Inc; Bentley Systems, Inc.; Berkeley Software Design, Inc; Berkeley Softworks; Borland Software Corporation; British Broadcasting Corporation; British Telecom; British Telecom Research Laboratories; BTRIEVE Technologies, Inc.; BTRL; Bull Information Systems; Burroughs Corporation; Business Software Alliance; CACI; Cadence Design Systems; CADRE; Callware; Caribou CodeWorks; Cayenne Software; Centronics; Chips & Technologies; Cirrus Logic; Cisco Systems, Inc.; CISI; CityScape; Clarify; Claris; Cognitech; Commodore; Commodore Business Machines; common carrier; Compaq Computer Corporation; CompuServe Corporation; CompuServe Information Service; Computer Associates International, Inc.; Computer Generation Incorporated; Compuware Corporation; Convergent Technologies; Convex Computer Corporation; Corel Corporation; Cray Research, Inc.; CSK Corporation; CSK Software; Cyrix; Data General; DataPoint; Datastorm Technologies, Inc.; Dell Computer Corporation; Demon Internet Ltd.; DigiCash; Digital; Digital Equipment Corporation; Digital Research; Dyalog Limited; Dynix Automated Library Systems; Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation; eHelp Corporation; EMD Enterprises, Inc.; EuroNet; Exabyte; Expert Systems Ltd.; Fifth Dimension Technologies; FileMaker, Inc.; FOundation for Research and Technology - Hellas; Fox Software; Frame Technology Corporation; Fraunhofer Gesellschaft; FTP Software, Inc.; Fujitsu; Gartner Group; Gateway 2000; GE Information Services; General Dynamics Canada Ltd; General Electric; Gensym Corporation; GMD; Gnome Computers; Greystone Technologies; Gupta Corporation; Harris Semiconductor Ltd.; Honeywell; Hotline Communications Ltd.; ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.; Imperial Software Technology; Imsai; Index Data; Industrial Programming, Inc.; Informatics Corporation; InfoSeek; InfoStreet, Inc.; Insignia Solutions, Inc.; Integrated Information Technology; Integrated Systems Laboratory; Intel Corporation; Intelsat; Interactive Development Environments; Interactive Software Engineering; Interdata; International Business Machines; International Computers Limited plc; Internet Access Provider; Internet Service Provider; Intertec; InWorld VR; Iomega Corporation; IST; IXI Limited; JNT Association; KIDASA Software; Kodak; Kvatro Telecom AS; Lotus Development Corporation; Lucent Technologies; Lund Software House AB; Macromedia; MCI; Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems; Micron Electronics, Inc.; Micro$oft; Microslop; Microsoft Corporation; MIPS Technologies, Inc.; MOS Technology; Motorola, Inc.; Multiflow Computer; MySQL AB; National Advanced Systems; National Semiconductor; NCR Corporation; Netcom On-line Communication Services, Inc.; Netscape Communications Corporation; Network Computing Devices; Network Solutions, Inc.; NetX; Net:X; NEXOR; NeXT, Inc.; Nintendo; Novell Data Systems; Novell, Inc.; Office Workstations Limited; Olivetti; Oracle Corporation; Original Equipment Manufacturer; Osborne Computer Corporation; Oz-Email; Packard Bell Electronics, Inc.; ParcPlace Systems; PeopleSoft; Peripheral Technology Group; Philips; PKWARE, Inc.; Play, Inc.; Plug Compatible Manufacturer; Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration; Powersoft Corporation; Praxis Critical Systems; Prime Computer; Psion; Quadralay Corporation; Qualcomm; Quality Systems & Software Ltd.; Rambus, Inc.; RAMTRON; RedNet Ltd.; RSA; RSA Data Security, Inc.; SAP AG; Scientific Data Systems; Scriptics; SDRC; Seagate Technology; SEGA; Sendmail Inc.; Sequent; Shugart Associates; Siemens Nixdorf Informationssteme, AG; Sierra; Silicon Graphics, Inc.; Simware, Inc.; Sinclair Research; Softlab; SoftVelocity Inc.; Software AG; Software in the Public Interest, Inc.; Software Publishing Corporation; Somar Software; Spatial Technologies; Sperry Corporation; Sperry Univac; SPSS, Inc.; SQRIBE; SRI International; Stepstone Corp; Sterling Software, Inc.; Stratus; Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Sybase, Inc.; Symantec; Symbolics, Inc.; SyQuest Technology, Inc.; Sysdeco Mimer AB; Tabulating Machine Company; Tandem Computers; Tandy; telco; Teletype Corporation; Texas Instruments; TGS Systems; The MathWorks, Inc.; The Metadata Company; Thinking Machines Corporation; Toshiba Corporation; Trident; Tymshare, Inc.; Unify Corporation; Unipalm Group plc; Unipress Software, Inc.; Unir Tech; Unisys Corporation; United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association; Univac; Upright Database Technology AB; U.S. Robotics, Inc.; UUNET PIPEX; value added reseller; Verilog SA; Vine Technology; VME Microsystems International Corporation; Watcom International; Western Digital Corporation; Westmount; Wind River Systems; WinSoft Products Ltd; Wolfram Research, Inc.; WordPerfect Corporation; WordTech; XEROX Corporation; Xilinx, Inc.; Yamaha; YOL Computers; Yourdon, Inc.; Zilog; ZOLA Technologies; Zynet Ltd.;

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