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3Station; Alice; Altair 8800; Amiga; analogue computer; Apple II; Apple Newton; Archimedes; AS/400; Atanasoff-Berry Computer; Atari; Atari ST; BBN Butterfly; BeBox; box; CDC 6600; CoCo; Commodore; Commodore 128; Commodore 64; Commodore 65; Commodore SX64; computer; compute server; D-1000; Datatron 200 series; DECmate I; DECstation; Deep Blue; Difference Engine; digital computer; diskless workstation; DPS-6; DREAM 6800; Electronic Discrete Sequential Automatic Computer; Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer; embedded system; GE-645; graphic workstation; Harvard Mark II Machine; home box; Hyperion; IBM 1130; IBM 1620; IBM 1710; IBM 370ESA; IBM 370XA; IBM 650; IBM 700 series; IBM 701; IBM 704; IBM 7040; IBM 705; IBM 709; IBM 7090; IBM 7094; IBM compatible; IBM PC; IBM PC AT; IBM PCjr; IBM PC XT; IBM System/36; Illiac IV; iMac; iPad; Johnniac; KC-85/1; KC85/2; KC85/3; KC85/4; Laboratory INstrument Computer; Lilith; LILLIAC IV; Mac; Macintosh; Macintosh II; Macintosh IIcx; mainframe; Mark I; Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator and Computer; Microsoft Extended; minicomputer; multitasking; Osborne 1; palmtop; PC-1834; PC-RT; PDP-10; PDP-6; PDP-7; personal computer; Personal Digital Assistant; pocket calculator; Portable Commodore 64; portable computer; Power Mac; pre\box; processor farm; Programmed Data Processor; PS/2; Psion Organiser; QL; quantum computer; RiscPC; RISC System/6000; RT-PC; Scalable Processor ARChitecture; SDS 92; Sinclair PC200; SPARCStation; SPARCstation 10; SPARCstation 20; SPARCsystem 4; SPARC Xterminal 1; Sun-2 Workstation; Sun-3 Workstation; Sun-4 Workstation; Superbrain; SuperBrain II; supercomputer; super minicomputer; System/360; TK-90X; TRS-80; VAX; VIC-20; Wang PC; Whirlwind; wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk; workstation; Xerox Data Systems Model 530; Xerox Data Systems Model 940; Z-1013; Z3; Zoomer; ZX-80; ZX-81; ZX Spectrum;

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