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6.001; Ada/Ed; Carnegie Mellon University; Chalmers University of Technology; Computer-Aided Instruction; computer literacy; Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning; content-free; Cornell University; Coursewriter III; Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine; Information and Communication Technology; instructional technology; KeySpell; Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan; LOGO; MCSA; Microsoft Certified Application Developer; Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician; Microsoft Certified Solution Developer; Microsoft Certified System Engineer; Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator; Open University; Princeton University; Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Stanford University; University of Arizona; University of California at Berkeley; University of Durham; University of East London; University of Edinburgh; University of Hawaii; University of Iceland; University of London Computing Centre; University of Michigan; University of Minnesota; University of Nijmegen; University of Pennsylvania; University of Tasmania; University of Twente; Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam;

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